• Sade Sati

    Sade Sati encapsulates to a time period of seven and half years subjugated by the influence of in one’s life. Sade Sati spells fear and trepidation in the life of human beings. 

    This cycle starts in a person’s life when Saturn enters by transit the 12th sign from the Moon after birth and lasts till it leaves he second sign from the Moon, Saturn remains in each sign for normally two and a half years hence for three signs the years are added and the complete period comes to Seven and half years. 

    The cycle is for 2700 days. Saturn exercises its influence on various parts of the body during these 2700 days. 

    Impact of Sade Sati

    It has its grave impact on human beings. It generally affects health, mental peace and finance. It comes thrice in a horoscope in one’s life time.

    Childhood Youth Old Age

    First, "Sade-Sati" has its impact on education & parents. Then, it has effect on profession, finance & family. The last one affects health. 


    Know Your Sada Sati

    Our Predictions

    Remedies of "Sade-Sati"

    Different scholars suggest different remedies for Sade Sati. But we do not believe in any propaganda. We cannot say anything on the basis of surmises and mere whims and fancies.No doubt, we do not say that we are the best to provide remedies, but what we need, is your belief. We first see your horoscope, then we will say anything on the basis of planetary movements. We also prepare horoscope.

    There are manifold remedies as per the position of Saturn in one’s horoscope. "Sade-Sati" is not malefic for everyone, however, it is benefic for those people for whom Saturn is a benefic.


    Impact on human beings

    Manglik Dosha may bring not only difficulties in married life, but it also delays marriages. If this Dosha is not remedied, it can alter married life into a war zone, and both husband and wife may experience horrendous difficulties even death. Besides this, adverse effect can also be witnessed on education, start of career, business etc.

    Period Impact on bodily parts Results on its influence
    First 100 days Face Loss in Business, Stomach related troubles,, disharmony in family
    For next 400 days Right Arm Gains in profession, Beneficial  contacts
    For next 600 days Legs Journeys and travel
    For next 500 days Stomach Good Luck
    For next 400 days Left Arm Bodily disease, Litigation and death of loved ones.
    For next 300 days Forehead Profits, success in government dealings
    For next 200 days Eyes Progress and happiness
    For  next 200  days Lower half of the body Bad results accrue from all sides
    • Shani Dev: Astrological Facts
      From the astrological point of view, Shani (Saturn) is the sixth planet from the Sun in our solar system and is also the second largest planet. It is said to have a small core of rock and iron, then a layer of ice, and lastly topped by a deep layer of liquid hydrogen. The presence of ring in Shani makes it different from other known planets. It is the only planet which has the ring. The ring is made up of small pieces of ice and rock, are 62,000 kilometers wide but just 100 meters thick. The rings are actually made of thousands of closely spaced ringlets, looking like a gramophone record disk.

    • From Vedic point of view
      From the Vedic Astrological point of view, the physical Saturn is only a representation of Shani Dev / Shanaischaram (Saturn God). By the progress of the planet Saturn, one can understand the intention of Saturn God (Shani) about the world at large. It must not be forgotten that Lord Saturn is the natural ruler of action (karma), and to appreciate our actions, we must first be aware of Shani’s movement.

    • Genealogy of Lord Shani
      Lord Shani is one of the three children of Sun and Chaya Devi. From the Ancient Hindu Texts, one can get more information about Lord Shani. 
      One could come to know that just after his incarnation, Lord Shani caused Lord Sun's charioteer to fall down and break his thigh; Sun's horses to get blind; and Sun himself caught vitiligo for Shani's powerful gaze on him. They were healed only when Shani moved his gaze away and looked on somewhere else. So, we can easily understand the power of Lord Shani after knowing this fact, which is mentioned in various Ancient Hindu Texts.

    • Shani: The Malefic Planet
      In Jyotish (Astrology), Lord Shani is considered a very malefic planet. The nine planets are the incarnation of Lord to award the result of one’s karma (actions in worldly affairs) - which are the lessons one need to know. 
      So, Lord Shani is considered the most malefic planet, and the most problematic. It is to be noted that painful yogas involve Shani most of the times. It is Lord Shani who slows down the matter and causes hindrances and makes tasks impossible in its result. It is one who can cause separation from our loved ones, may it be Parents, Spouses, Friends, and also from Employment

    • Nature of Shani
      Shani is extreme in its nature. If it is favourble, then it can do miracles for the native, but if unhappy, then there will be disaster everywhere. If someone is bestowed with the blessings of Lord Shani, he will be scholar, sensible, honest, patient and hard worker. But if he is not favoured by Lord Shani, then no one can imagine, what is going to happen with him.

    • Beware of Shani’s anger 
      On the other hand, if Shani is not favouring any one he could develop bad virtures in himself, like greed, dishonesty, fear. Shani could make one’s life lonely by separating him or her from their loved ones. 
      Shani could also cause diseases and they are generally chronic in nature and cause danger to human life.  
      The whole Vedic Astrology is based on the movements of planets and Shani is the last one counted from Sun’s location. This is one of the reasons that why Shani is said as “a ruler of the last”. He has the last say in all the matters. This is also one of the reasons that Shani rules the death, because Death is the ultimate thing in this mundane world.

    • The Controller of all misfortunes
      Being the ultimate controller of eighth house in the astrology, Lord Shani is associated with grief, panic, pain and depressions which come in human lives as the eighth house of the Vedic house deals with all these characteristics.

    • Movement of Shani
      The movement Lord Shani is sluggish. It has its own reason and as Lord Shani was lamed by another son of Lord Surya (Sun), Yama (Lord of Death, also known as Yamraja). It is to be noted that it takes around 2.5 years to pass through a sign, so, a total of thirty years is taken to make round of all signs. It also gives us lesson about patience, tolerance. It must be kept in the mind that he is generally pleased by those people who possess patience.

    • Mahadasha of Lord Shani
      One must have heard Maha Dasha of Shani. Due to slow pace in its movement, it lasts for 19 years. 

    • How to pacify Lord Shani
      To pacify Lord Shani, many remedies and worship are suggested. We do not say that we are the only authority, but many persons have been benefitted by us and we have cured natives from the malefic impact of Sade Sati. The foremost thing for this is to get your horoscope checked by our team of expert, who are well known for their scientific calculations and not here for money minting only in the name of Shani.

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