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Astrodaily.com does not need to say anything. Our record speaks. We predicted that India will eat Australia in the quarter-final of the world cup on March 24, 2011 Cricket match at Ahmadabad. It was turning point as India had not beaten Australians for decades. We proved right.

Our predictions about Mahendra Singh Dhoni, his marriage, Sachin Tendulkar, Saurabh Ganguly, Sania Mirza, Sushil Kumar Shinde, Uma Bharti, and host of others proved right.


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Do you know we said that Salman Khan will shine when he was down under with the Black Buck case and various controversies. We proved right about Amitabh Bachchan, and others too.

That Mukesh Ambani will win in the bitter battle with his younger brother Anil Ambani turned out to be true.

When everybody was predicting in May 2004 that Atal Behari Vajpayee will return to power and win Lok Sabha polls, our galaxy of experts boldly said that the NDA will lose power.

Our predeiction about George W Bush, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Hillary Clinton and other world renowned personalities proved right too. Our experts even said that Congress will win but Sonia Gandhi will not be the PM. We maintained that Sonia Gandhi and Gandhi dynasty will be there for a long time to come and all her enemies will bite the dust.

We rightly predicted that Shankaracharya of the Kanchee Peeth Jayendra Saraswati will not get early relief.

We have a galaxy of experts in various branches of astrology - vaidik astrologers (Zodiac), numerologists, para-scientists, Vaastu experts, gemologist

s and others who have a thorough knowledge of Rudrakshas, gems and yantras and tell you what is best for you. Our Astro-experts offer a ‘future perfect’ report card We do not claim to change your destiny. But we can assure you that our advice can bring down the impact of malefic effects. 

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Rahukaal September 2023

RAHU KAAL means Bad Time during the day (Avoid doing anything during this brief period)

Panchang September 2023

Panchang is a spiritual and scientific calendar which is derived from Vedic astrology

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Monthly Forecast for September 2023