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Our living space also determines our prosperity to some extent. The science of Vastu Shastra originates from Hindu mythology, but today has acquired some scientific explanations as well like the solar passage, i.e., effect of sun's rays at different time on the property. Making our property consistent with Vastu principles can surely add to our happiness.

Our vastu consultant has completed the basic and advanced course in Vastu Shastra from Disha Institute of Vastu, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi. She has done professional assignments (of bungalows, flats and corporate offices) in Delhi and Gurgaon.

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We do Vastu consultancy for Delhi and Gurgaon region only. Our charges for vastu consultancy are as following:

Flats- Rs 6000/- Bungalows- Rs 10,000/-
Corporate offices- 10,000/- Factories- Rs 10,000/-
We take advance payment.

She will personally visit the property once, have preliminary discussions with the client and then e-mail and submit a hard copy of the report to the client, personally explaining the report within 7 days.

When given an assignment, she will require the floor plan of the property with dimensions (length * breadth). The floor plan can either be e-mailed to her or given as hard copy before or after her visit to the property.

Every living being in this world aspires for a place in which to live comfortably, enjoying all the luxuries and happiness of this world getting maximum benefits of heavenly boons. Every one is aspirant of having sound health, beautiful wife, healthy children, wealth, and means of earning through business, profession, and high reputation in society and over all mental and spiritual peace.The sea animals and amphibians prepare a dwelling place on the sea shore, the birds build nests in the trees, the insects make a hive, and human beingsare ambitious of making a house on the earth where all the liabilities towards this world and towards heaven can be fulfilled without any disturbance and trouble.

Therefore, aware of the need of a house and in order to avoid troubles, man wants to construct a house on such a ground where he can feel all sorts or happiness and can lead a peaceful life free of troubles and enemies, thereby deriving spiritual peace. With this aim in his mind, he sets out in search of the learned wise persons who can guide him in selection of a site (plot) of his choice, and in construction of the house. He wants to know the proper auspicious time, and principles (laws) of construction of the house.

Also he has in mind the colony or city, neighborhood, sources of water, natural environment, means of transport, etc. while selecting a plot for building a house, at the same time he thinks of his own interests and profits.

The external features of the plot can only be known with the help of persons living around or nearby the flat. Only Shastra can judge the quality and nature of the land. Therefore the selection of a site and the plan of the building is materialized only after consultation and seeking advice of expert astrologer and Vaastu Specialist.

There are saying like Nadi Shotriyo Raja Devagyo Na Chikitasak Tatra Vaso Na Kartavaya A place where there is no river (Source of water - pond or well etc.), scholar, astrologer, ruler and medical expert, should not be selected for living thereon, it should be rejected. Dushta Bharya Shath Mitra Bhratiyaschottar Dayak;Sasarpe Ch Grahey Vaso Mirturev Na Sanshaya. If there is house in which lives an unfaithful wife, a foolish friend, an outspoken servant and a snake, the owner of such a house may die any moment.If such things are associated with the house constructed by some one, the life of the inmates becomes troublesome and unhappy, and there is always a fear of death.

Therefore everyone is curious to know as to what is Vaastu Shastra, and what principles and methods regarding construction of buildings have been given by the ancient saints and seers on the basis of their experience and commands in the divine scriptures. With the help of Vaastu Shastra and Shilpshastra, knowledge about the better and auspicious way of construction of a house, the positions and direction of gates, doors and rooms etc. in it, is gained so that a house may be built which will provide all round prosperity and happiness to the inmates. Thus Vaastu Shastra provides some principles and rules on the guidelines of which suitable and comfortable buildings for residence, temples, etc. are built and towns, colonies are planned.

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