Soobhash Garg


Soobhash Garg

Soobhash Garg is among the very few well known, respected, experienced, astrologer with holistic, modern & scientific approach to ancient astrological & Vaastu texts and is proficient in all the four branches of esoteric sciences, astrology, Vaastu, numerology & palmistry, along with the experience of more than 40 years. By virtue of his wide ranging study, proficiency & acumen which are deeply rooted in ancient wisdom but at the same time modern & scientific and the combinations & synthesis of the different schools of astrological thoughts - Krishna Murthy, Nadi Astrology, Lal Kitab & Western Astrology . He acts as consultant & counselor both by taking a comprehensive & in-depth understanding of the matter at hand. He has been guiding, advising and predicting from 1977 onwards about the people, national personalities and national affairs. He believes that astrology, Vaastu, numerology &palmistry are different forms of cosmic energy related to & complimentary to each other which helps in making accurate predictions & find most suitable solutions to one’s problems & helps in achieving one’s desired goals.
Some Of The Important Land Marks In The Journey

1. Broadcast Several Programs On Jyotish & Palmistry on All India Radio -1977-1980 

2. Published Books & Literature

Jyotish Vaastu Shastriya & Vaigyanic Vivechan

With Astro analysis of Narender Modi, Sachin Tendulkar Aishwerya Rai,

Diwali, Navratray, V Shradh

(Scientific Analysis Of Hindu Festivals) 


The content and the spirit of Vedic knowledge are well amalgamated by virtue of his study & practice. That Soobhash Garg has come to be known for his special skills in the field of astrology and Vaastu. He holds a standing experience of more than 40 years & has been providing Vaastu consultancy for the last twenty five years.

Astrology & Palmistry - Thousands of people from all walks of life – doctors, engineers, professors, working women & house wives, students & business man, have benefited from his intuitive understanding, extensive knowledge. Innumerable testimonials would substantiate about his astrological & Palmistry acumen. He interprets, & reveals all aspects of a person’s life, viz. his past, present and future, education, career, married life, finance, his inner personality, his Page 8 of 10 potential as well as the timelines for his past & present karma to manifest in the future. He answers to all the questions of the subject, since he lays equal emphasis on precise prediction, customized & easy to do solutions as per ones lagn & rashi, for the problems& the procedure to be followed for the best results. 

Vaastu -  Soobhash Garg has been providing Vaastu consultancy by achieving Natural and cosmic energy balancing, maintaining the essence & spirit of vaastu principal with modern aesthetical & architecture for new projects as well as for already built up properties With adjustments but without alteration and demolition for homes, factories, bungalows, shops, & offices & People who consulted are enjoying the bliss of life with manifold progress in their life.

Numerology - As a practitioner of numerology grandparents to grandchildren are reaping the benefits of his advice regarding spelling change of name, & number adjustment for home, company.

Professional study - The flame which was ignited by chance stumbling on a book of palmistry in 1974 fired up his latent interest in mysteries of cosmos, human life & destiny evolved into the passionate extensive, deeper wide ranging study, & understanding, of all the four subjects. His study of astrology, vaastu, numerology & palmistry is enriched by continuous study of vast variety of Vedic, western, tazik (Roman), Chinese (feng shui) Greek, South Indian systems.Page 9 of 10 like Parashari, Jaimini, Tajik, KP System, Nadi, Lal Kitab, Western etc. in detail along with modern & western systems. By virtue of his acumen, grit and determination he tried to bring the subject of astrology from the closet of secrecy into out in the open, develop techniques which would facilitate quick and glaringly accurate predictions, explain the complexity of as tricky a subject as astrology simplest possible ways & provide easy to do remedies. His endowment has benefited several people to their entire satisfaction. Apart from his predictive abilities, he specializes in prescribing astral remedies (some of which are of rare variety) with telling effect.

Personal Biography
Right from teenage he is socio religious activist and actively participated in movement against dictatorial emergency in1975, campaigned for Atal Bihari Vajpayee 1977 elections for New Delhi constituency. His poems against dictatorship were published in 1977 along with the poems of by Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Dr. Satpal Chugh, Dr. Chandrakand Bhardwaj in a collection of poems named as “Aandhi Aur Angaray” From the very beginning he had interest in religion & Occult Science & studied 800 pages Gita Bhashya by Lokmanya MANYA Tilak by the age of 18 years, religious discourse of Acharya Rajneesh. Chance stumbling on book of palmistry in 1974 fired up his latent energies in mysteries of cosmos & human life & destiny, by the turns and twists of occultism as revealed by esoteric sciences like palmistry.
Academic Qualifications

He was a bright student & after doing his M.A. in English Literature from Delhi University he started his carrier in industry and pursued palmistry Astro Vaastu and Numerology consultation as passionate hobby. But soon he started practicing it as full fledge professional & devoted himself for the cause of alleviating the suffering of the people through ancient Indian wisdom. He is Mild-mannered and soft-spoken with disarming simplicity which endears him to all and sundry






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