Monthly Horoscope for October 2022

  Attention: Kindly note that these are general and broad predictions based on planetary movements and placement of stars in houses applicable to millions of persons across the world having the same sun sign. For precise predictions for individuals, your precise time, date and place of birth is needed. We will make your horoscope and conduct detailed analysis. Contact us to know your future in 2022

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March 21 - April 19

1st to 7th August: Between 1st & 2nd.Be careful.  Your adamancy will make you eat a humble pie.  Avoid confrontation and altercations at all cost.  Between 3nd & 4th you will have an upper hand on your adversaries. Things will change for better. Your talent and capabilities will be fully exposed before appreciative people. Between 5th & 7th the students will do very well in their studies. It is ideal time even for you to indulge in research work or higher studies. All your children related worries will be duly removed      


8th to 15th October: Between 8th & 10th off.  You’ll fully utilize your capabilities to the hilt & receive blessings from senior members. Your spouse may have inclement health.  Between 11th & 13th People shall recognize your merit. Some cherished wish is about to fulfilled.  Between 14th & 15th for one or other reason, married individuals may continue to face discomfort in their marital lives.

16th to 23rd October:  Between 16th & 18th   your friends and associates will be quite helpful and cooperative.  The new venture will encourage you further. You will be hailed by all.  Between 19th & 20th you'll do much running around for your family's comfort.  You'll also physically serve your close relations. The nubile members of the family will have fitting marriage proposals.   Between 22nd and 23rd for those who are employed, distractions shall affect your productivity and social or personal engagements shall keep you occupied which shall significantly drop your work effectiveness.



24th to 31st October: Between 24th & 25th you will get benefit in your business dealings.  An unexpected opportunity to travel could make you ecstatic. Pack your bags and have fun.  Between 26th & 27th be willing to incorporate changes in your approach as necessitated by changed situations. Do not go overboard in any direction! Between 28th & 29th loved ones may have pertinent remarks to make about current situations; lending them a patient and attentive ear can prove beneficial to you. The period between 30th & 31st is quite trying, so stay alert and watchful.  Avoid taking extreme postures regarding any matter and be balanced as you can, in your approach to all situations.  

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April 20 - May 20

1st to 7th October – Between 1st & 2nd Good time for taking long term academic decisions. Success in tests and interviews is assured. Some big responsibility could be given to you.   Between 3rd & 4th health may be indifferent.  Concerns over your well being shall rise this week as you are likely to suffer from some viral infection. Taking this into consideration, you need to trade cautiously and take proper preventive measures against the same. Between 5th & 7th you should give your artistic mind a fair chance. Do not be held back by conservatism or hesitation. You must be optimistic and very determined.


 8th to 15th October –Between 8th & 10th you may participate in some noble and philanthropic work.  Love relations will be induced with additional warmth.    Between 11th & 13th Financial and romantic stars twinkle optimistically during this period. Drive your vehicle carefully between 13th & 15th.  You need to guard your valuables carefully.  Avoid impulsive moves & hasty decisions as they may come back to haunt you later.


16th to 23rd October – Between 16th & 17th If you find it difficult to commit yourself to certain situations, you tend to withdraw. It will be better if you use your analyzing power and be more communicative with those you deal with. Between 18th & 20th the alignment of the planets seems to encourage all the single ones to muster the courage to build a strong intimate relationship with someone.  But don't take any risky step in an emotional fervour. Between 21st & 23rd you may go out on journeys. Higher studies and research may give you good knowledge.



 24th to 31st October – Between 24th & 25th you may receive some unpleasant news to intensity your tension.  Despite your hard work, gain would be negligible.  Between 26th and 27th students will do well. You may, however, face some economic troubles but you will manage to reach your goal. Between 28th & 29th Vibes of cooperation and harmony will be felt making this a good time for resolving vexatious issues by consultation and negotiations. You must exploit this phase by widening your social circle.  Between 30th & 31st for those involved in a meaningful relationship, tough times await you, as there will be instances which might affect the future. Try to persuade your partner to bring it to the stage of a compromise.

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May 21 - June 21

1st to 7th October – Between 1st & 3nd suggestions coming from the most unlikely of sources may prove to be money spinners.  However be careful about money matters as you could be duped by someone.  Enquire first before you befriend your new acquaintances. Between 4th & 5th Personal and business life will see an unreal imbalance for a few days. Smart work and tireless efforts without losing hope, will help you take charge of the situation and better manage the tasks at hand. Between 6th & 7th your attention shall be riveted towards spiritual questions, existence of God and soul. You shall devote more time to social activities than your professional work.


8th to 15th October – between 8th and 10th family's divided opinion on an important issue may upset you.  Keep yourself medically checked regularly to avoid any serious trouble. Between 11th & 13th the old investments shall get you good dividends.  Some achievement of your children may gladden your heart. Between 13th & 15th act judicially to get off your shell and diffuse the self created tension. You may involve in your creative abilities to get away from the rest.

16th to 23rd October – Between 16th & 17th something untoward may happen at home to upset you.  Try to get over the situation with your prudence and tact. Between 18th & 20th you’ll enhance your friends' circle.  It is a good time to have partnership type business. Closeness and warmth in relations will make life more enjoyable. Between 22nd and 23rd things will be quiet conducive. You'll feel contented. Owing to your publicity you'll be the cynosure of all.  You will feel mental peace and contentment. 


16th to 23rd October– Between 16th & 17th Lady-luck can smile at you.  It is about time you realized your dreams. You may participate in some noble and philanthropic work. Between 18th & 20th differences with your spouse may add to your tension. Be willing to incorporate changes in your approach as necessitated by changed situations. Do not go overboard in any direction. Between 21st & 23rd an inauspicious start will make you get trapped in an unwanted controversy. Problems will confront you.  Deadlocks can be broken by dynamic approach and adventurous moves.


24th to 31st October – Between 24th & 25th immerse yourself in the benefits of spirituality and religion or a willingness to learn any other abstract topic in great detail. Your aspirations heighten when you do justice to your passion by spending fixed dedicated hours towards learning it in depth. This specially holds true for students in their last year of graduation. Between 26th & 27th your ego may create hurdle in your works.  Your moralist stance will give you strength.  But you must keep your tongue soft and subdued.  Between 28th & 29th neglected projects will gather momentum. Some solid achievements gained now will show their effect throughout your life. Between 30th & 31st you'll learn to exercise right type of self-control.  Have the courage to take unconventional decisions, if situations demand so.

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June 22 - July 22

1st to 7th October – Between 1st & 2nd   an inauspicious start will make you get trapped in an unwanted controversy.  Sudden financial loss and other problems will confront you.  Deadlocks can be broken by dynamic approach and adventurous   moves.  Between 3rd & 4th you’ll like to brighten your image for which you'll evolve new policies. Your self-confidence will make you preside in friends' gathering with great aplomb.    Between 5th & 7th the elders' blessing and guidance will help you get over some problems. Children and senior members will take most of your time.


8th to 15th October –Between 8th & 10th you will get much sought after mental peace. You will establish contact with people living far off. Do not be hasty in taking romantic decisions.  Between 11th & 13th partially treated or untreated health issues in the past shall pop up unexpectedly. Identify the root cause of the discomfort by visiting a doctor immediately and ensure that the problem does not repeat again. Take due preventive measures to fight off anything and everything that can hurt your well being. Also refrain from taking any stress, be it because of work or something on the personal front as it shall have a negative effect on the recovery process.  Between 14th & 15th the elders' blessing and guidance will help you get over some problems. Children and senior members will take most of your time.


16th to 23rd October – Between 16th & 17th.Your enduring capacity is likely to be tested here. Don’t give up, if you don’t get the desired outcomes. Keep giving your best. Some conflicts may develop among your family members. Pay prompt attention to the issues, and solve them with tact. Between 18th & 20th although your progress will be slow, you will manage to get over all your past problems. Jupiter now moving in direct motion, thankfully, will work well for you. It will fuel up gains and business/ professional opportunities. As far as your loving relationship is concerned, this period looks set to be smooth. Wedding bells are to ring for the committed individuals. Between 21st & 23nd there are chances of unplanned expenditure related to your business. You are likely to get rewards from foreign-related businesses


24th to 31st October – Between 24th & 25th May spend liberally on the things that enhance your comforts and luxury. As far as your loving relationship is concerned, this period looks set to be smooth. Wedding bells are to ring for the committed individuals.  Between 26th & 27th Dialogues and agreements will make your life active. Success in legal court case is expected. Your involvement in social activities will enrich your knowledge considerably.  Between 28th & 29th your opponents may create hurdles in your work and business.  Don't take vital decisions now as the time is not conducive. Between 30th & 31st Health may deteriorate due to your carelessness. Beware of overindulgence in emotion, food or drink.



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July 23 - August 22

1st to 7th October – Between 1st & 2nd Being a working professional, it may become tough to effectively prove yourself, while experiencing some disturbances in the daily jobs. Having patience and giving your one hundred percent may be a great help.  Between 3rd & 4th Jupiter is highly supportive of couples which are planning an offspring. Health may demand your attention, as troubles related to bones – joint pain, severe tooth ache or a repaired fracture – shall give you sleepless nights.  Between 5th & 7th there are chances of ego clashes and challenges, so try to avoid arguments on small things. If you are in a legal matter in a marriage relationship, you may not get the desired result. There are chances of break-ups in a relationship.


8th to 15th October – Between 8th & 10th you may tend to be restless, inactive, and averse to exerting yourself in any way. Routine tasks, even the important ones could remain unattended. Between 11th &13th Try to invest your vigor in something good and purposeful. Refreshing your mind and body is what you need most for the time being. But your busy schedules may keep you away from the seclusion that you seek most. Between 14th & 15th you may get interested in getting your work done through others, which is not likely to work. You may not be happy with the way life may turn for you. You need to work hard and double your efforts to get the desired success and reach your goal.


16th to 23rd October – On 16th & 17th Your hectic activity may not allow you any time for yourself  but your efficiency and abilities will be praised by your seniors.  You will show your magnanimity to your sub-ordinates. Between 18th & 20th Emotional blow-ups are likely to create unending problems, better prepare yourself to face any situation calmly. Showing sympathy towards your near and dear ones may never harm your image. Between 21st & 23rd the tide will change for better, you'll meet old friends. You are likely to enjoy beautiful moments with your partner. However, make sure there is nothing to hide between you and your partner, else it may result in arguments and affect your relationship.


24th to 31st October – Between 24th & 25th stress may take a plunge on your health. This may be due to a heavy workload. Elders need to be careful with their medication and food intake. Avoid eating unhealthy and junk food. Between 26th & 27th socially you will also become busy. You will enthusiastically participate in social work.  Between 28th & 29th Students pursuing basic education will be able to grasp complex topics easily. All this shall not only serve to help you better your grades in the long run but shall also play a pivotal role in uplifting your spirits.  Between 30th & 31st there are chances of some unwanted arguments or differences with your co-workers. In business, you need to have patience and have a calm approach to situations.



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August 23 - Sept 22

1st to 7th October – Between 1st and 2nd For those who are looking for career change, or for bettering how their career profile looks, this week is the chance to show your mettle, as you can find yourself getting a much awaited interview call or a project which can be groundbreaking for your career if executed to perfection. Between 3rd & 4th your planetary position for your higher education is likely to bless you with full potential. You may be rewarded well for your performance, knowledge, skills, and talent. Being open and receptive, you attract some prestigious opportunities and interesting people around you. Between 5th &7th you are likely to be brimming with love and compassion. However, certain negative thoughts will spoil all your good work. But don't fret! Your efforts won't go wasted and you will get the desired results sooner or late


8th to 15th October – Between 8th & 10th your efforts will come into proper methods of getting results. You will analyze your loopholes and will start acting on it. Your interaction with subordinates will be fruitful at all stages.  Between 11th & 13th Business will be faring well but family atmosphere will be rather tense. Rising mental tension due to fear of the unknown may make you rather listless. Compromise can be greeted by happy memorable moments, bringing back the peace and harmony that missing during the arguments. Between 14th & 15th better time for students. They will prove their talent in higher education. New educational opportunities are going to see this time. Pending scholarships will be cleared


16th to 23rd October – Between 16th & 17th Progressive steps are going to give immense pleasure and satisfaction. Improve your standard of communication which is helpful to meet your requirements in job. New trials will be successful and can get desired results appropriately.  Between 18th & 20th Auspicious functions are going to happen in your family. A new love life is going to start surprisingly. Lovers will understand each other thoroughly for improvement in their relationship. Between 21st & 23nd your hard work will be rewarded.   In the technical field you success may be outstanding. Some news from a distant land will bring joy. Short trips will prove to be fruitful.


24th to 31st October – Drive your vehicle carefully between 24th & 25th as something untoward may happen.  Avoid foul company and indulging in wild habits.  Between 26th & 27th individuals who are working in different government bodies are going to see enhancement in designation or remuneration. Service sector personnel are going to get new employment opportunities. You should attend your duties punctually which will be a rising point on your work dedication.  Between 28th & 29th mind may be worried on account of some reason or the other. Home as well as career causes tension and anxiousness. Better to reschedule important issues to some other day.  Between 30th & 31st act with prudence, lest your simplicity may be misconstrued as your weakness.  Be careful not to express your emotions.  An open mind and willingness to compromise will save you from making a mistake that could cost you even a friendship! A little give and take will work wonders.



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Sept 23 - Oct 22

1st to 7th October – Between 1st & 2nd favorable work oriented phase with the push and energy to tackle important issues. A good progress for professionals is foreseen.  Between 3rd & 4th will be a bad time for those in a relationship. Possibility of some misunderstanding between the partners is on the agenda, so avoid controversial talks. However don’t get too worked up. Use all your persuasion skills to find a happy and satisfactory solution.  Between 5th & 7thYou may remain busy in sales and purchases of   the needed items to strike a good commercial bargain.  New contacts will be established for familial and official work.


8th to 15th October –Between 8th & 10th partially treated or untreated health issues in the past shall pop up unexpectedly. Identify the root cause of the discomfort by visiting a doctor immediately and ensure that the problem does not repeat again.  Between 11th & 13th the benevolence of Jupiter shall bless you with a lot of opportunities to make financial gains. You shall become really strong to experience a sense of monetary security that will persist.  Between 14th & 15th   your activities on many fronts   will keep you awfully busy. You'll make the right choices and you'll be prudent and circumspect.


16th to 23rd October – Between 16th & 17th Opponents or rivals may create hurdles.  Some untoward event may also happen. Mentally you'll be prepared to face any challenge. Between 18th & you’ll be full of zest and enthusiasm and shall work with your constrictive approach and confidence. Your work will   gather pace.  You will enjoy your time while meeting and establishing contact with new acquaintances.

 On 21st & 23nd the stars are well-aligned for you to take risks, be it professional or personal matters. Your confidence and risk-taking ability shall bring you gains now. However, it may take some time before you relish the fruits of success.


24th to 31st October – A peaceful time between 24th & 25th will make you feel quite light. Avoiding wastage in futile things, you'll work with total concentration.  Between 26th & 27th bitterness may crop up in certain relationship.  For those in relationship minor disagreements with your better half keep you disturbed. However don’t get too worked up. Use all your persuasion skills to find a happy and satisfactory solution. Between 28th & 29th you'll get better results. Love and romance will give you good cheer. With your gift of the gab you will influence people. Between 30th & 31st you'll get rid from unnecessary running around.  You will remain in cheerful mood.  Your kids will remain obedient and give you happiness.


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Oct 23 - Nov 21

1st to 7th October


Between 1st & 2nd you'll have a very disturbing time. You may have a hectic schedule at place of work. You might be offered some additional responsibility along with authority with new targets set. Between 3rd & 4th be careful about where and how you spend your money. Avoid speculation. Money transactions are to be better avoided. Do not implement your ideas because they won’t turn beneficial.  Between 5th & 7hYour social clout will grow owing to your versatile knowledge. You may be drawn towards religion and may indulge in charity as well. 


8th to 15th October –Between 8th to 10th Journeys may be undertaken and some of them may prove financially productive as well.  Believing that change induces spices in life you'll try to explore new avenues as well. Between 11th and 13th Family matters and money matters may require your attention. A crack in the long term relationship is indicated. Between 14th & 15th you'll be able to influence people around you and shall reap benefit out of it, monetary and mental both.   Marriage negotiations might progress.


16th to 23rd October – Between 16th & 17th some of you may take steps to upgrade their knowledge/professional skills further. Colleagues might feel jealous of your popularity and try to harm your interests. Between 18th & 20th a fear of something untoward happening will keep assailing your heart. Many apprehensions will keep you in the dread of the unknown.  Although eventually you’ll get over them successfully, but you’ll feel disturbed.  However, the phase between 21st & 23rd will restore normalcy in life.  You’ll enjoy a good company to get mental peace and good health.   In the competitive exams, you will do well.  You will also be involved in Spiritual and social activities



24th to 31st October – Between 24th & 25th You will come forward to help the needy ones- no matter the required need be physical, mental or financial.  On 26th & 27th   you may travel and have good interaction with people.  This is a good time for adventure.  So regardless of what you do decide to do now, lean on the side of taking adventurous decisions.  Between 30th & 31st a sudden, unexpected encounter may catch you off guard. You're also apt to throw routine to the wind and do something quite out of character for you



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Nov 22 - Dec 21

1st to 7th October – Between 1st & 2nd poor health may disturb your work schedule.  But routine works will be done normally.  Postpone major works to some other time.

 Between 3rd & 4th be careful not to be emotional. Open mindedness and willingness to compromise, will save you from committing a mistake that could cost you even a friendship. A little give and take, will work wonders. Between 5th & 7th Family matters will take up your time. Spending time with your family will keep you in high spirits. 

8th to 15th October – between 8th & 10th matters relating to children may worry you a little. Be extra careful while dealing with your loved ones. Try and spend quality time with your parents, who may require your support.  Between 11th & 13th if there are some issues that do not please you; you must be candid enough to point them out so that you are not made a scapegoat. Between 14th & 15th chance of promotion are strong.  May also get a good job offer from a big concern.


16th to 23rd October – Between 16th & 17th due to fluctuating health problems you'll not be able to devote time to your work. You will be low on comforts so avoid visiting to unknown places. It will be better to reschedule your travel.  Between 18th & 19th economically you'll be the gainer.  Bur stay away from gambling, speculation and race etc. Between 20th & 22nd some relation may cause hurdle in your work but acting with prudence and tact you'll ward off all troubles. General dissatisfaction in the outlook and a distracted mood throughout is foreseen


24th to 31st October – Between 24th & 25th you’ll have good time with your close ones and enjoy comforts of high order. You may be implementing new things in your life. You would do well for yourself if you could be more objective. Do not jump to conclusions. Between 26th & 27th the intimidating assumption over the professional stability might plunge you into despair.  The gloom ridden climate would change and become conducive soon. Between 28th & 29th   maintain a very cordial relationship with everyone. Better not to interfere in any disputes.  Your interference might me misconstructed; as a result, a quarrel might erupt to mar the calmness of the family.  Between 30th & 31st Hard work and dedication will pay off, and will keep you too busy to focus on your personal issues.  Regular health check up would help you avoid some major issues. 

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Dec 22- Jan 19

1st to 7th October –between 1st & 2nd Service conditions will be stable.  Unusual circumstances need unconventional approaches; do not hesitate to take a few calculated risks to boost your prospects. Between 3rd & 4th your expenses may mount. Conflict of interest and resistance to your ideas should be handled with diplomacy.  Between 5th & 7th have patience and don't rely on others excessively. Realize your capabilities and then act accordingly.  On hope, far sightedness and confidence will take you far. 


8th to 15th October – Between 8th & 9th your personal issues may take most of your time. Travel plans can include both work and pleasure. You will be able to wheel and deal with the best of them. Between 10th & 11th good planning and proper management will pave your way to sure success.  This is an excellent time for academic activities and research ventures. Between 14th & 15th Listen to all but act on what you think correct.  Be conscious of what you can and then work without fear. 


16th to 23rd October – Between 16th & 17th a change will add to your happiness.  You will feel mentally peaceful.   Romance during this period can be magical in its flavor. Between 18th & 19th this a good time for corporate presentations and brain storming sessions.  Focus on the facts in hand rather than images in your mind. Between 20th & 23rd May pass good time in the company of your friends. New proposals of matrimonial alliances may be considered.  You’ll realize that you have saddled yourself with a lot of responsibilities. 

24th to 31st October – Between 24th & 25th you shall encounter situations that are challenging, especially on the personal front. Rahu may spell disharmony in your relationships. You need to stay out of heated arguments and verbal spats that probably shall take place frequently. Friends and elderly persons may give you valuable advice.   On 26th & 27th what do you do when you have a lot to study and never ending distractions continue to pull you down? It can very well be a situation of sheer helplessness, and this is exactly what you shall experience.  Between 28th & 29th you are bound to remain preoccupied with some or the other unavoidable engagements. Your social reputation may enhance and you may progress well and fast.  On 30th & 31st the celestial positioning casts a bad spell on the warmth and the peace of your relationship. This implies a threat looming over the harmony of the relation. Stay calm, composed and let time do the healing. Love birds on the other hand will be able to spend some enjoyable quality time together. 

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Jan 20 - Feb 18

1st to 7th October – Between 1st & 2nd the students shall have to struggle a lot in order to make some academic progress. There is a high probability of students not being able to concentrate on their daily studies. Patience, determination and relentless efforts hold the answer to this question.  On 3rd & 4th to all the job holders, despite persistent efforts, there will only be a few learning opportunities which will pass your way. You probably won’t be able to capitalize on these opportunities. While these hassles can be frustrating and may cause your productivity to drop, keep your calm and persistently focus on your goals. Between 5th & 7th for those running their own show, lots of patience is required, as the perfect deal that you are eagerly waiting will take a little bit more time and a huge deal of efforts from your end before it knocks on your door.


 8th to 15th October – Between 8th & 10th some important assignment in service may be entrusted to you, raising your status. Don’t leave things to your sub-ordinate's jurisdiction.  It is time to implement your vital plans. Between 11th & 13th you are likely to find some kind of obstacle in your life. There may be delays, re- does and a host of other irritants. The financial area of your chart may also pose a problem. Things may stagnate or you may feel very dejected with the current state of affairs. Between 13th & 15th do not aim for high aspirations.  If you do, you will only get hurt. Keep to regular routine and your emotions under control. Things may be not as you expected. There may be sudden mix-ups and commotion. This is because of the position of the stars so just wait and let the time pass.


16th to 23rd October – Between 16th & 17th you may remain mentally upset as all your plans may remain non-starter as these are your future plans. Delay in work may also irritate you.  Between 18th & 20th you’ll have to take some policy based decision.   You will like to discuss your problems with your confidants to get relax from stress.   Between 21st & 23rd past health scars or impending physical ailments will eventually catch up with you raising grave concerns about your health from your near and dear ones. The right advice will be to ensure you have your eating and sleeping behavior under check. Prevention is indeed better than cure, and hence a visit or two to a doctor/physician which will save you a lot of time, energy, and mental and physical stress, is highly recommended.



24th & 31st October – Between 24th & 25th be careful not to hurt your dear ones. Life can become much disorganized if your relationships go sour. This is not the time for confrontations; this is the time for consolidation. Try to inculcate the spirit of freedom, truth and honesty into your heart. You will automatically feel the difference. Between 25th & 27th go very diligently when it comes to making critical financial decisions. Plan your expenses carefully for now and only invest in things which are absolutely necessary. At any cost, avoid any major financial investment for some time. Between 28th & 29th you may receive happy news.  Students will study devotedly whose good result they would surely enjoy.  Between 30th & 31st a minor tension may rise in the family but soon it would subside.  For those couples who are either married or have found their partner, the recommendation will be to hold tight. For the lovebirds, disagreements and arguments over trivial issues can be frequent. 

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Feb 19 - March 20

1st to 7th October – Between 1st & 2nd you’ll face a hard phase .Unwillingly, you could be entangled in some controversy. But moving ahead firmly you'll get over the troubles.  Between 3rd & 5th you may feel rather hard-pressed financially & may find that people are trying to impose themselves on you, but you have to have faith in you. Put your foot down and implement your own plans.  Between 6th & 7th be careful about your enemies’ conspiracy lest you get trapped in a trouble. You may find your progress blocked in some way or the other. It would be better if you can stick to routine and attend to your daily duties.

8th to 15th October – Between 8th & 10thtake note of the minutest of the discomforts that you might feel and get it checked with the doctor at the earliest. Unless taken care of, small issues could lead to critical health situations and severe complications.  Between 11th & 13th those in the transferable job would be shuffled undesirably. Any consultation and agency work could flourish.  Employees might have to work diligently for peanuts.  Between 14th & 15th Relationships and partnerships become stronger and more resilient after a period of conflict. This is a time of sharing love & hospitality with friends & family.

16th to 23rd October – Between 16th & 17th caution in speech is required as you have chances of getting into controversies. You have to be very careful that you do not assume responsibility or act in a position of trust for somebody since chances of losing your position are present. Between 18th & 20th you will get only mixed results.  May have to help some needy close relation.  Despite a lot of changes around you, you will find clarity in your thinking and vision after a long time.  Between 21st & 23rd is time to do some retrospection. If you are finding stumbling blocks, you need to find the reason for them. Destiny does not control our action. It is ourselves who largely control what destiny can give us. So, be on your guard and view closely what is going wrong.



24th to 31st October

  Between 24th & 25th Marriage matters would be positive. There would be rise in position for spouse. Rising expenditure may give you some worry.   Between 26th & 27th Stress abounds, and there may be some sort of disarray. You will be best keeping a low profile and flowing with the stream. Financial front looks vulnerable, so don’t trust people with your money. On 28th & 29th you have to be extra receptive in order to be ready to receive benediction. Good Luck is with you. You have to make yourself available and be relaxed and perceptive to opportunities. Between 30th & 31st.Your children will seek your blessing on an independent professional journey.   You will participate in family matters, resolve conflicts and promote harmony in the family.  

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