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 Attention: Kindly note that these are general and broad predictions based on planetary movements and placement of stars in houses applicable to millions of persons across the world having the same sun sign. For precise predictions for individuals, your precise time, date and place of birth is needed. We will make your horoscope and conduct detailed analysis. Contact us to know your future in 2018

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March 21 - April 19

1st to 7th March:  between 1st & 2rd you could be drawn in some controversy.  Financial activities will take most of your time. Between 3nd & 5th you will succeed in all your government related deals.  You will complete whatever job lay your hands on. You will love to enhance your area of influence. Between 6th &7th your PR sphere will grow and you will become more ambitious. Mental worries will be considerably lessened.  You will work with full devotion.  

8th to 15th March: Between   8th & 10th your renown and fame's graph may take an upward swing. Your voice and abilities will influence people greatly during this phase. May get good job opportunities. In the field of education you will also achieve great results.  Between 9th & 11th family peace will be severely disturbed.  Unwanted expenditure may force you to incur loan.  You will find yourself trapped in confusion. Between 12th & 13th good news will greet you. Your boss or seniors will also be pleased with you.  Your working conditions will keep on improving you will make you score over your enemies.  Between 14th & 15th do not be lured by novelty of schemes and jump   into new plans without undertaking independent feasibility studies. 

16th to 23rd March: Many old disputes will be resolved between 16th & 17th. You may indulge in some novel research work.  Health may have some minor ups and downs.   Between 18th & 19th be wary as a little carelessness may blot your career.  Enemies and foes may succeed in their designs to cause you much tension.  On 20th and 21st. Gains from friends are also likely.  Those unmarried may get marriage proposal. Investments made on 22nd & 23rd good news about your kids may cheer you up.  Relations with seniors will improve. Your opinion will carry weight at home. 

24th to 31st March:   Between 24th & 26th those who are trying to get job may get good offers.  Your allowances and other facilities may get a raise.  Between 27th & 28th you will be in a good mood, enjoying sparkling chemistry with your beloved. This is a good time for a long drive, romantic date and outings. Spend this quality time to renew the freshness and happiness in your relationship. .Between 29th & 31s parents or some senior's health may disturb you. Pay attention to your domestic duties. You’ll enrich your knowledge.  Some new research or study may interest you.


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April 20 - May 20

1st to 7th March –between 1st & 3rd May spend on home-maintenance. Some big responsibility may  be given to you.  Be careful in your work as even a little lapse may cost you clearly.  Between 4th & 5th you'll have peaceful time. But endeavours won't be duly rewarded.  Economically you feel secured.  New contracts and social work will prove advantageous. Between 6th & 7th Your PR circle will also widen. You'll complete your all task with total peace and relaxation. You’ll have good time with your family members to discuss marriage proposals for the nubile members.

8th to 15th March: Between 8th & 9th you’ll feel quite tired and exhausted. Avoid poking nose in other's affair or you'll suffer badly. Avoid doing things out of empty optimism, when it is not supported by realities that are painfully obvious. Between 10th & 11th Subconscious ramblings and inexplicable anxiety may rip your mind. Discuss your concerns with empathetic well wishers to distress yourself.  Between 12th & 13th some surprises or gifts may also be in store for you. The planet of love also sends dreamy dates and nods of yes for ones waiting for their soul-mate. It's also a good time to look for a match if you are single. Between 14th & 15th Money won’t stay with you and you may try to escape your responsibilities which may create problems with your spouse. Snap decisions can help you to resolve long standing issues in a jiffy during this period. 

16th to 23rd March – Between 16th & 18th.You’ll have a gainful period. Your achievements will be admired and you'll get honour.  Those in the media and publication business will get a boost in their career. Between 19th & 21st you may pass through a very trying phase. Your domestic responsibilities will swell which may appear rather taxing.  Expenses will mount.  Be careful in the love-related matters as your secrets may be out to embarrass you publicly.  Between 22nd & 23rd your optimism and relief are well deserved and you may find yourself multi-tasking with ease

24th to 31st March – Between 24th & 26th some Travel is on the cards and you may find yourself busy planning and prepping for the trip ahead. Expect lots of messages and dialogues and discussions about an impending project, and do keep your paperwork organized. Between 27th & 28th you will save good money.  Officials will be happy. Your kid's activity may disturb you much. But between 29th & 31st do not try to sugar coat hard facts while making presentations before influential people.  State the facts as you seem them.  


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May 21 - June 21

1st to 7th March –Between1st & 3rd you'll have a gainful period. Your achievements will be admired and you'll get honour.  Those in the media and publication business will get a boost in their career.  Marriage proposals in the family will be finalized.  Between 4th to 7th you may face health problems. Be careful about your food and drinks.  Do not give into anger, even if others try to incite   you to angry reactions. 

8th to 15th March –Between 8th & 11th the restlessness you feel reminds you that you should be doing more with your life. You may feel like you’ve only touched the tip of your true potential and there are a lot of unrealized dreams waiting to be fulfilled.  Between 12th & 13th   Gifts, kindness and generosity seem to be the keywords, as you either find yourself receiving accolades and presents or giving to your loved ones or even contributing towards a charity. Do good and good will come back to you? Between 14th & 15th your mind may not be so much in work or you could find yourself working so much you have no time for leisure. Practice moderation in diets, exercise and other activities before it all catches up. 

16th to 23rd March – Between 16th & 17thAn announcement about an engagement or marriage brings joy. Younger women may need a little guidance and direction.. And you could be rearing up for the next big chapter in your life. Just make sure you aren’t neglecting your health.  

Between 18th & 19th Someone’s competitive behavior could start getting to you. There may be anger brewing about some injustice. Or you may defend yourself strongly against criticism. Be careful to get your facts right before you lash out.  Between 20th & 23rd Work place tensions and power struggles may make you feel like escaping it all, but you won’t. Even at home, people may sense your grumpy moods and keep their distance.

24th to 31st March – Between 24th & 26th Watch out for impulsive behavior or a minor outbursts of anger. And steer clear of the negative people around you, you don’t want to become like them.   Between 27th & 28th some major responsibility may come on your shoulders. May also get good news about the kids.  Between 29th & 31st don’t give up now. Stand tall in the face of challenges and you will win this. Someone may let you down with empty promises, or by showing you their true intentions, but now is not the time to hold on to any resentment.


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June 22 - July 22

1st to 7th March – Between 1st & 3rd it’s time to make your mark in this world. Be a lot more assertive and start showcasing your skills and talents. In meetings, your business-like attitude earns you respect and your sphere of influence slowly begins to spread.  Between 4th and 5th May accomplish some very noble and meritorious deed to earn fame.  But adverse health on 6th & 7th may make you a bit nervous.  Hectic activities may exhaust you.   Your opponents and adversaries may indulge in back biting. 

8th to 15th March –between 8th & 10th you may find yourself engaging in some very interesting and mind opening discussions. Students planning to study overseas may have to wait a little longer for answers but there is good news ahead. Between 11th & 13th you could find yourself forgiving someone and entering into a more harmonious space together. Just be mindful of needing to be right all the time, keep an open mind and work on the listening skills. Between 14th & 15th some third party interference may ruin your domestic peace.  Health may also deteriorate. You may spend time in spiritual & religious activities.    

16th to 23rd March – Between 16th & 17th time is not favorable.  Friends behaving like foes and enemies becoming powerful – Be careful. Between 18th & 19th you may go out for some knowledge enhancing programme. Students will do well. Between 20th & 21st you’ll devotedly complete all your pending jobs. A new project may give you some quick money.  Partnership business will also prove productive.  Between 22nd & 23rd you will get success in love affairs but their exposure may also embarrass you.


24th to 31st March – not a hilarious beginning of the week. Between 24th to 25 th   Politically you may have to eat dirt.   Your wrong opinion may land you in trouble. Between 26th & 27th a toxic situation comes to an end, and though you may feel drained, you know you’ve done the best thing by distancing yourself. Resignations, separations, partitions may cause stress but in the long run, you may wish you had done it sooner.   Between 29th & 31st Great changes are ahead of you, and this could be the time you decide to re-invent yourself totally. Health matters stay good as long as you learn the art of detachment.


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July 23 - August 22


1st to 7th March –Between 1st & 3rd some confrontation with a family member or among them may upset you much. You will feel quite remorseful about your misbehavior with someone.   Between 4th & 5th the completion of your some pending job will delight you.  Your efficiency will be better. Between 6th & 7th Close relations will be helpful. Correspondence will get you good news.  

8th to 15th March –between 8th & 10th some allegations may be leveled against you. Someone's remark may hurt you.  Loss is indicated should you indulge in   speculation or gambling. Drive your vehicle carefully or else some accident may take place.  Between 11th & 13th you may be focused on building a strong and stable foundation in your love life. You may be more interested in finding a long-term partner than in pursuing short-term flings. However, you should be careful not to become too possessive or jealous and to give your partner the space they need. Between 14th & 15th new job opportunities will be unveiled. May receive help and support from unexpected quarter. You'll work hard to earn good money and enhance your savings. 

16th to 23rd March – Between 16th & 17th you may need to learn how to better manage your money. You might need to employ some strategic measures to reduce costs even further. Between 18th & 19th the period will be quite trying. Your haphazard working style will add to your troubles.  Your powerful enemies may spread a canard against you but your interest won’t be affected.  Between 20th & 21st robust health may keep you getting sick. You may sign up for a new fitness programme to maintain your fitness level. To relieve work-related stress you take yoga classes. Between 22nd & 23rd   tense period could arise at home unexpectedly Visitors may disrupt the peace and quiet with their rude behavior. 

24th to 31st March – Between 24th & 26th Home situation will be unsatisfactory.  Some dispute or explosive event can occur. Confusion may prevail. Between 27th & 28th you may receive expected help from your relations.  You may use your energy in some creative work.  Between 29th & 31st you will complete your routine jobs.  You’ll be able to make the seniors happy and accomplish your job in hand.  Your held up payment will be received 


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August 23 - Sept 22

1st to 7th March –.  Between 1st & 3rd you may be having problems in your romantic relationships. If you don't make time for your partner, cracks could appear in your relationship.  Between 4th & 5th there may be a problem with your financial situation. Putting money into the stock market could necessitate a lot of preparation. On 6th & 7th some of you will get to take a short vacation to a new place. You could make a lot of money in the commercial real estate business. Students taking their graduate-level exams can expect to do well.

8th to 15th March – Between 8th & 10th your enhancing political chart in the government circles or in politics will make you happy and tension free. May get good information.  Between 11& 13th you might face the pressure of a work review or evaluation. Stay diligent and you will succeed with flying colours. For office drama relief, talk to friends. On 14th & 15th you may present your ideas well and professionally. You can expect to gain respect from your peers as a result of your extensive knowledge and experience in the field. 

16th to 23rd March – The period between 16th & 17th it's not all roses and butterflies in the romance department. Your significant other may be looking for a commitment from you, but you both need some time to settle down. This could cause tension in the partnership.   Between 18th & 19th At home, your kids might be looking to you for direction. However, it may be difficult to coordinate schedules due to your many obligations. Take that family trip you've been hoping to take. Between 22nd & 23rd students will succeed by dint of their merit.   You may be able to find a second source of income. Don't give anyone, even close friends, a loan

24th to 31st March – Between 24th & 26th Promotion in service is expected but you may dace dislocation from present position.  Your morale and confidence will be quite upbeat.  Between 27th & 28th may have to follow the suggestions of an associate in order to get things done. Be cautious not to skimp on results. Taking some risks at work may be inevitable. Between 29th & 31st philanthropic works and charity will attract your attention. Success in test or interviews is expected owing to your fine performance. 


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Sept 23 - Oct 22

1st to 7th March – Between 1st & 3rd you'd have quite peaceful times; things will be done timely, financial & romantic stars  twinkle optimistically.  But between 4th & 5th you'll have to work against your wishes. There will be differences with your colleagues.  Act with tact and patience to let this phase pass. Situation will come under control. On 6th & 7th charm your way to success, by behaving sweetly and diplomatically. May get good news about progeny.  

8th to 15th March – Between 8th & 9th old troubles will be solved.  You may start a new project.  Sky is the limit in terms of what you can achieve, if you focus your energy intensely towards your goal.  On 10th & 11th your plans should have the right mix of innovation & tradition.  Avoid any over-cautious or over –maverick approach to any issue. Between 12th & 13th Marriage proposals will be received.  There will be domestic peace. Your circle of friends will grow.  But between 14th & 15th things will worsen.  Hard work, bad health due to some addiction, mounting expenses will trouble you.  Be positive and act with patience. 

16th to 23rd March – Between 16th & 17th may have to struggle with your health. Recurring illnesses may disrupt your disciplined lifestyle, and you may feel uneasy about this. Introducing new, healthful routines could be just what your body needs to get back on track.  Between 18th & 19th Coordination with your subordinates can help you get things done faster.  Spending lavishly without weighing the benefits first could lead to financial difficulties.  Between 20th & 21st you might enjoy yourselves on a short outdoor trip with friends. Do not enter into any property transactions if you are unsure of the outcomes..Between 22nd & 23rd Problems at home could increase for those natives living in a joint household. Misunderstandings might keep everyone on edge. Communicate with a sibling, either your own or your partner's, about a problem you may have been having. 

24th to 31st March – Between 24th & 26th 13th you will achieve great results in the field of education. You’ll get due reward for your hard work. This is an ideal time for you to indulge in studies and research work. Between 27th & 28th family peace will be disturbed.  Fatigue and uneasiness may upset you enough to make you not discharge your duties efficiently whose consequences you’ll suffer.  Between 29th & 31st you are likely to remain tensed and apprehensive of someone spilling the beans about a matter on the social front.  Support from well wishers is assured. 


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Oct 23 - Nov 21

1st to 7th March – Between 1st & 2nd, your research studies will be successful.  May attend some competition and succeed.  Someone may boost your confidence by instilling confidence in you.   Between 3rd & 4th your progeny’s may make you proud. Change in conditions and circumstance is expected. Setting new goals you'll make efforts to achieve them. Gains from friends are also likely. Between 5th & 7th you will feel quite lethargic and exhausted. More expenses may make you tense. You'll have to face certain detestable events. You may breach the trust of someone.   

8th to 15th March –Between 8th & 10th do not try innovations just for the heck of it, especially if things are going great for you.  Unnecessary experimentation is as harmful as meaningless addiction to old methods. Between 11th & 13th you'll bring desired changed in your lifestyle. Your search for a suitable match for marriage may not bear expected results. Between 14th & 15th some ups and downs are seen, but you are perfectly capable of tackling them with ease. 

16th to 23rd March – Between 16th & 17th some property related issues may crop up but you are advised not to take any final decision at this juncture. Between 18th & 19th you will manage things smoothly. However you tend to be a bit rigid and impatient, which can cause problems both at office and home. On 20th & 21st you are likely to start hunting for another job where you will be given more freedom to perform to your potential, and where you will be respected for your work. Between 22nd & 23rd money inflow will be thick and fast. Your intrinsic knowledge will help you even in financial transactions.  But you will not be able to save money.  

24th to 31st March – between 24th and 26th many problems may surface.  Wasteful expenditure, receipt of unnerving news may disturb you to no end. You need to devote more time for ensuring good health during this phase. Between 27th & 28th the unmarried may hope to tie the nuptial bond.  Family atmosphere will be full of affection and bonhomie. Between 29th & 31st your hard work will pay. You will feel quite happy and satisfied seeing things moving in right directions. You may go out to a quite religious place. 


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Nov 22 - Dec 21

1st to 7th March – Between 1st & 2nd, nothing of significance will be achieved.  Due money may be held back; fight, clashes etc. shall be quite in number.  Avoid important decisions for the present.  Between 3rd & 4th the situation may come under control again. Those in politics may strengthen their mass-base. You'll get good news. Between 5th & 7th your responsibilities will rise with authority. You’ll acquire mastery over some new technique. May come in contact with an influential personality.   

8th to 15th March- between 8th & 11th you 5th you could be drawn in some controversy.  Professionals suffer from clouded thinking partly as a result of electromagnetic smog. You may take a wrong decision with respect to your career. Between 12th & 13th be careful in your work as even a little lapse may cost you.  You will need to be at your wittiest best to counter someone’s allegation. Between 14th & 15th things could be very fluid and there could be last minute disruptions. It is important for you to have some back plans in place, just in case things turn turtle unexpectedly

  16th to 23rd March – Between 16th & 17th March some solid achievements gained now will show their effect throughout your life. Auspicious ceremony at home is likely. Between 18th and 19th your mind will be lost in various thoughts; thereby you lose the power of discrimination.  Discuss your concerns with trusted and knowledgeable well wishers and act on those instead of just worrying about your concerns.  Between 20th & 21st an outward journey is possible. You will enjoy your travels to the hilt. Possibility of overseas travel is there.  Between 22nd & 23rd you'll remain busy in strengthening your PR work and shall gain popularity. You will enjoy your time while meeting establishing contact with new acquaintances.  

24th to 31st March – Between 24th & 26th time is suitable for monetary benefit.  Cherished dreams may be realized. Hard work will pave way for your success. You'll feel inching towards a wealthy and affluent living style. Between 27th& 28th avoid crossing swords with influential persons/authority figures even if you feel genuinely aggrieved. Bid your time, and wait for the right moment to extract your justice.   Between 29th & 31st you will try to iron out all domestic disputes. You’ll devote time in revising your decisions and improving them where the need be.  

Dec 22- Jan 19

1st to 7th March - Between 1st and 2nd your honour and prestige will swell.  You'll meet someone who shall prove very helpful later on.  May receive encouraging news.  In trade or business you'd find some technique to enhance your profit greatly.  You must work with prudence.  Between 3rd & 4th money given long back on loan will be realized. Your boss and seniors will be happy with you.  But between 5th & 7th all your plans will be jeopardized.  Unforeseen hurdles may emerge.  Your close ones may stab in the back.  But you'll cleverly bring your life on the right track.

8th to 15th March - Between 8th & 10th you may receive mixed results.  Business will be faring well but family atmosphere will be rather tense. Rising mental tension due to fear of the unknown may make you rather listless. Between 11th & 13th Friendships and cooperative endeavors flourish now. You achieve a harmonious balance of giving and receiving and of talking and listening, and any social or joint activity will benefit. Between 14th & 15th this is a great time to take calculated risks provided you have set a firm platform for such a launch with previous efforts.

16th to 23rd March - Between 16th & 17thHappiness and a desire to share your good fortune and joy with others is the theme now. You are feeling generous and expansive and are inclined to give lavish gifts or buy something lovely for yourself that is costly or extravagant As long as you don't overextend yourself, this is a good time to indulge your feelings of kindness towards others and also to be kind and indulgent to yourself.  Between 18th & 20th   your intuition may not be as reliable as you hope it could be, during this period. B so, base your decision based on hard facts, instead of going by what it seems to be “gut instinct”. Between 21st & 23rd Keep your subordinates alert and on their toes.  A fast pace, is on the agenda. You may feel mentally restless, impatient, and overly eager to get your own ideas across. Also, a situation may arise which requires you to say what is on your mind, to make a decision, or to clearly voice your personal opinion on some issue.

24th to 31st March - Between 24th & 25th your interactions with others may be partially motivated by fear.  If you are afraid that someone is trying to control you, then you clearly do not understand the other person's true motivation. Being cautious in your negotiations is a good idea for now, and it won't necessarily slow you down in the long run.  Between 26th & 27th you will be involved deeply in your love relations.   This is a great time for academic activities and for devising long term business plans. Between 28th & 29th secret meetings with influential persons can work wonders for your prospects. However, take care to avoid getting caught in political cross wires between powerful persons. Between 30th & 31st you may now glimpse a life of possible creative flair and intellectual exploration. You'll be excited by opportunities and perspectives.


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Jan 20 - Feb 18

1st to 7th March –Between 1st & 3rd Romance will rise, and you will feel more connected to your loved ones than ever. For those in the dating scene, this is a great week for pursuing new relationships, as it may bring surprises. For students and sportsmen time is favorable. Between 4th & 5th if you are trying to persuade people to see things your way, remember that you attract more problems. The impact of planets may bring some good earning opportunities. On 6th & 7th you'll enrich knowledge. Success in exams is also expected. You'll get a good insight in some new technology.  

8th to 15th March –Between8th & 11th you feel jittery and restless as conflicting thoughts and feelings push you toward contradictory conclusions. You aren’t able to think straight, let alone make choices you can trust.  Between 12th & 13th. At work, you will have a busy day with plenty of meetings, discussions, planning and execution. You will fully utilize your energies, but it may also leave you exhausted. Between 14th & 15th Keep a tab on your foul mood when you meet your sweetheart. 

Give in to his or her silly demands for the sake of love and smile away your blues

16th to 23rd March – Between 16th & 17th your heart will rule over your head. You shall do things, that you always wanted to do, but could not do, for some reason or another.

Dine at your favourite restaurant with loved ones, but don't overeat to avoid indigestion. Between 18th & 19th you will gain influence in your service. Your thinking sphere will broaden. Between 20th & 21st is the ideal time for higher studies and research. May get good opportunities for professional growth. Your occult science's studies will fortify you as much as to face any circumstances with confidence. However, loss between 22nd & 23rd cannot be ruled out. Children may add to your worries.  Try to curtail your expenses.  

24th & 31st March – Between 24th & 26th you may go out on a journey. Though hazards will be more but you'll derive profit from your travel.  Between 27th & 28th you have the opportunity to obtain several sources of income as well as connectivity in international markets. There is a possibility that some of you might receive a promotion and a significant reward. Between 29th & 31st it’s possible that the increased workload might cause you to feel stressed out. This needs to be managed; else, you could face health problems.

Make it a point to organise your job according to the priorities you've established for yourself; doing so might help you avoid stress and improve your health.  


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Feb 19 - March 20

1st to 7th March –Between 1st & 3rd Saturn and Sun give a genuine argument with parents in law or with the partner. There can be property matters with parents in law which can give pressure to the family.  Contacts established between 4th & 5th will benefit you in a variety of ways. You’ll make money but expenses may mount tremendously.  On 6th & 7th new relationship will be made. Some of your decisions may cause concern. The health of your children needs to be taken care of. Some of you might get health issues because of stress in the family.

8th to 15th March –Between 8th & 10th some old ailment may crop up.  Higher expenditure trend may disturb you. Keep a check on your temper to avoid acrimony within family. Between 11th & 13th you’ll get some breathing space. New friends will enhance your zest a bit. You will peacefully discharge your social obligation. Between 14th & 15th despite expenses your budget will remain stable. Your engagement will mainly be in studious and research work.  Your legal knowledge will help others. 

16th to 23rd March – Between 16th & 17th love, romance and creativity shall take most of your time.  You will happily meet new persons to enjoy their company. Between 18th & 19th you can face much problems arising simultaneously.  By shedding off the negative parts of your personality you will progress with a constructive approach.  Between 20th & 21st you might get a good opportunity to go on travelling with family as well as small celebrations with family and friends.  Between 22nd & 23rd   spouse’s ill health may make you rather listless. Progeny’s educational, service and matrimonial prospects may add to your worries.


24th to 31st March – Between 24th & 26th you' May get trapped in some problems. Professionally your meeting someone influential will help you immensely in future.  Between 27th & 28th higher studies and spiritualism may draw your attention. Seeing things moving forward in the desired direction, you will feel quite satisfied.   Between 29th & 31st you'd rather be indifferent to your work.  Your cantankerous nature, however, will keep the subordinates on their toes.  You'll force them do your work..


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