Sign of the Month : Gemini


Happy Birthday! Arians (May 21- June 21)


Sign Gemini
Symbol & Shape The Twins "Male & Female"
Ruling planet
Character Dual Attitude (Nature)
Direction West
Sex Male
Caste Shudra
Nature Emerald
Part of Kalapurush Shoulder
Birth Stone Emerald
Favourable Colour Green
Auspicious Days Wednesday
Favorable Deity Ganpati
Fasting Day Wednesday
Favorable Number Five
Favorable Dates 5, 14, 23
Friendly Sign Aries, Leo, Libra, Virgo, Aquarius
Specific Personality
Witty, Fearless
 Positive Attitude Humane and Kind
Negative Attitude Self-centred, Prejudiced

Know yourself ! Gemini!
This sign is ruled by the planet Mercury.  Mercury is the planet nearest to earth. Sometimes it is seen rising & then setting with the sun. Mercury is considered to be the planet of childhood and youth- a youth which is attractive, graceful and vivacious. Going by their symbol, Gemini people are youthful, playful, charming, and zestful.  Mercury gets influenced by the planet it is associated with. That influence shows in Gemini people also.  They get influenced by the character of the company.
They are generally modest, liberal and jovial and their intelligence reflects from their face.  They are full of new ideas, thoughts and innovation.  Blessed with a quick grasp, they learn quickly and aim for good education. They generally succeed in the field of mathematics and in editorial jobs.  The Gemini mind is impersonal, and never guided in decisions by emotions, or even qualities of right or wrong. They always appear sociable, and really add to the success of any group.   For friends they will be fully loyal. With their wit and ‘gift of gab’ they soon become the centre of attraction. They are witty and poised and highly stimulated by society. They are usually well informed and apparently have plenty of information on any subject mentioned. Since they are natives of the dual sign, they are able to see all the aspects of any issue and take their steps after weighing all the pros and cons judicially. To most things they have a multidimensional and systematic approach.  However at times they get confused and the right decisions take time.  Duality in their approach they change and vacillate from one idea to another and do not stick to any single one.  Duality is purposeful when used with an analytic mind other wise this character can bring about confusion and translate into irrational approach.

They have greater   learning towards business. Endowed with worldly influence, generally they lead a happy and fulfilled life.  Theirs will be a happy and contented existence. 
Born romantic they are an intimate lover, full of imagination. Love is equated with balance, justice, equality, a sharing of joys and tribulations; they can not have a fulfilling relationship with a partner who dominates or who lacks sensitivity.  For them sex is favorable only when a large degree of genuine affection is present. When it is not, much brooding occurs; your emotions are shaken.  Sex for you, is an ideal. It is not a mere act.

Generally the Taurean people love business and hence they shine well in this field. Venus is a planet that enjoys all comforts. Cool and soft by nature, at night it spreads light-white rays. Hence business of light shaded or white objects may prove conducive.  You are an active person and quite outspoken. If you actively participate in political field you may get good amount of success as well. Taureans are well-suited to be bankers, artists, accountants, musicians, gardeners or any profession that requires patience, determination and a strong beauty aesthetic.
How you relate to other signs:
Most compatible with Libra, Aquarius, Gemini
Can be good with Cancer, Leo, Aries, Taurus
A 50-50 chance with Scorpio, Capricorn
Doubtful with Virgo, Saggitarius, Pisces

Below represents the briefest view of how you relate to other zodiacal signs. There are further details and indications. Let us elaborate on some of the highlights.
Caution: First, we would like to caution you that this is a general prediction relating to the compatibility of Taurus with other zodiac signs. It is applicable to billions of people across the globe. But one must remember that these predictions are general in nature. If you want a specific report about the specific effects on you and your partner, kindly do not hesitate to send your particulars to us. Consult our experts and enjoy your life with your partner.

(March 21-April 19 )
(April 20-May 20)
(May 21- June 21)
(June 22-July 22)
(July 23-August 22)
(August 23-Sept. 23)
(Sept. 24 - Oct 23)
(Oct, 24 - November 21)
Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) Capricorn
(December 22- January 19)
(January 20-February 18)
(February 19-March 20)
March 21 - April 19


An air and fire sign together. These two love to bicker, almost affectionately. You are attracted to Aries. The attraction can grow into love. Listen Gemini you might start out playing games with the fire sign, Aries. But don’t play with fire if you are not prepared to get burned. The relationship here can be favorable, if you are prepared for the consequences. These consequences include a lasting relationship, physical attraction, a linking of hopes & desires. With Aries you could find the perfect companion or mate.  The mars of Aries & your Mercury blend to produce excitement, travel, and a tendency to argue. –but a basic attraction which makes it a pleasure to reconcile.  . Conflicts happen often but are always quickly resolved and all is forgiven and forgotten. You always end up on the same team.  You find each other lovable and endearing.  
April 20 - May 20


Air and earth sign together. Taurus is the earthiest sign of all, while airy Gemini is restless, volatile, & changeable. Your basic needs & motives are opposed. Gemini’s love of constant change & variety can be unsetting for Taurus who likes to stay put. The Gemini’s gift of communication & the Taurean inner wisdom are the strong points of this relationship.  The solid, quiet Taurus and the Gemini make an interesting pair. Taurus are steadfast and allergic to sudden change. On the other hand, Gemini can secure and easily convince his/her Taurus that the change is for the best.  Both love humor and entertainment. The Venus of Taurus blends with your mercury to highlight intuitive qualities. A romantic atmosphere prevails. But the relationship could lack balance, leaning one way or the other.  Emotionally, Taurus feels insecure with Gemini.  
May 21 - June 21
Communication is the key, here. Two air signs together, this relationship may seem very crowded to the casual passerby. With Gemini there is action. The relationship is stimulating. The double dose of such a highly-strung, restless air signs ensures that life will never be dull or dreary. The relationship can be lively, excitable, scatterbrained, gossipy, intellectually stimulating, multipurpose, full of change, variety, interest or nervous tension.  When two Gemini's live together, each of needs attention. You will have loads of conversation, ideas, dreams and small talk to last them a lifetime. Your gift of communication & ability to have maximum amount of fun in life could make this an electrifying combination. The only thing you both need to guard against is superficiality & dealing with the earthy, practical of life.  There will be no shortage of fun and outlandish escapades. Your lives will be full of changes.
June 22 - July 22
An air and water sign together! They usually eye each other warily. Mercury of Gemini & the moon of cancer produce a tendency towards moodiness. Ups & downs in the emotional are not uncommon in this relationship. It takes a mature cancer & a grown up Gemini for this relationship to last. Unless a special effort is made, the relationship could evaporate-by mutual consent. Each is sensitive to the moods of the other. Constant dialogue is a necessity. Otherwise. Minor misunderstandings grow out or proportions. In all, the relationship represents challenge.  The effort could be worthwhile. But success in this relationship does not come on a silver platter. It has to be earned. The Gemini senses that a Cancer may be too brooding, gloomy or serious for a relationship. A Cancer does not like the fact that a Gemini always seems to be hard on them and argue with them too often. Cancer needs to let go and give some freedom to his/her Gemini.  
July 23 - August 22
An air and fire sign together! Good combination. Air with fire will help maintain interest between these two signs, particularly on a mental or intellectual plane.  Leo mentally stimulates Gemini & Gemini would like to settle down & make a life with Leo.  The signs are compatible. A sense of humor prevails in this relationship-lot of laughs. But laughter can become shrill & turn to tears unless both are willing to keep up, to make changes. Gemini always has lots of new ideas and projects and Leo is creative. Their relationship is not boring at all. This is an involvement that both will find hard to resist. The Gemini loves to hear the Lion purring happily. There is an instant, mutual magnetism between these two. Both are generous, passionate and very social. Leo likes to be at the attention but may feel neglected when Gemini becomes absorbed in those many interests or activities. Ie each person is happy to to let the other go his or own way, however, this can be a sparkling relationship. 
August 23-Sept 23
An air and earth sign together! Although air has little affinity with earth but since Mercury rules both signs, this can be a stimulating catalyst.  Combined, this produces a relationship, which smacks of me first.  The double close of mercury raises the question of who is to take the lead. Virgo wants to serve, to offer constructive criticism. Gemini wants action. Who says when to go, when to remain? That becomes a major point of contention in this relationship. This combination shares a sharp intellect and sense of humor, but both can be critical. Not all of these fare well in this relationship.  Gemini & Virgo by mutual interests affecting are drawn together by circumstances.  Both like to talk, to hash and rehash things through. Your shared ability to communicate will see this couple through. 
Sept 24 - Oct 23
Two air signs together. Air with air is compatible. In this combination which blends Mercury, the planet of mind, with Venus, the symbol of love & affection. This creates a mutual appreciation of all that is refined, artistic, beautiful, sociable, interesting, and informative. Gemini likes to communicate, so is happy to share ideas with Libra who, in turn, is not fulfilled or complete when alone.   One of the best combinations. Gemini can finally be balanced, and Libra tackles this job wonderfully. This is as close to a match made in heaven as a Gemini can get. You both love to give, share, love and talk. There is no shortage of affection, cuddling and kisses. Basically the relationship is healthy. The attraction is there- & it could represent basic fulfillment for both of them.
Oct 24 - Nov 21
An air and water sign together! Air & water will not be easy to mix in this combination of signs, which are as different as black & white. Gemini lacks the deep emotional intensity of Scorpio & will be overwhelmed by such magnetic power.  The dramatic Scorpions love to work their magic on Gemini's, pinning down the twinkle-toed Gemini. Gemini needs freedom and the possessive Scorpio may have a problem controlling his/her Gemini. Scorpios enjoy the chase, almost as much as they enjoy the final surrender. If and when these two finally come together, they often have a hard time staying together. It's not an easy relationship because it might lack some of the excitement Gemini craves. Only a true love & deep friendship can make this a workable proposition for both.  
Nov 22 - Dec 21
An air and fire sign together. Air with fire is a stimulating combination but, since these are opposite signs in the zodiac, they not only attract each other but also repel.  Both love communication and confrontation. Gemini has a full stream of consciousness flowing out into the universe, while Sagittarius is full of ideas, dreams, and convictions and will explain in detail to anyone who will listen how he plans to carry them out. Their relationship will never be boring. Gemini is self contained enough to allow Sagittarius its beloved freedom & independence. Both are naturally busy active people who like to fulfill their lives with interest, so a mutual exchange comes easily to them. Celebrate & tune into one another for invaluable moments of love.  
Dec 22- Jan 19
An air and earth sign together.  Although air & water are very different, the young at heart spirit of Gemini can implement the wisdom & experience of Capricorn provided both are willing to communicate.  Sometimes they will agree to disagree because Gemini often changes direction whereas Capricorn pursues a goal to its logical conclusion.  Capricorn, steady & controlled, does not always understand the highly-strung, quicksilver ways of Gemini.  Capricorn is stable and sure-footed, while Gemini often lives in the clouds and only occasionally visits earth.  Capricorn feels younger with the spontaneous Gemini, and admires his/her optimism, curiosity and strength. Although very different, each can enrich the other with unique gifts. Capricorn needs to stay in touch with his or her sense of humor to keep the magic alive in this relationship. The Saturn of Capricorn blends with Gemini mercury to provide a degree of discipline. Some of Gemini’s freedom is curtailed. Listen, Gemini –if you need balance, if you desire a sense of well being-then you have found the right individual in Capricorn.
Jan 20 - Feb 18
Two air sign together! Gemini tends to de restless with Capricorn almost as with other Gemini. Otherwise air with air is compatible. Gemini can accept a detached or unpredictable mood from aquariums & is mentally stimulated by both the Aquarian’s originality & inventiveness. Both are very sociable, love entertaining and social work. Gemini seems to be the chatty side of the couple. Aquarius loves intellectual talk and teaching his/her new discoveries to Gemini. These two are hugely compatible. They go everywhere and do everything together. The unconventional & changeable quality of this relationship helps to keep it interesting.  Once a couple, you rarely see one without the other.  
Feb 19 - March 20
An air and water sign together.  Do they have anything in common? Yes, a lot. Both are double signs. They are generous, curious, love traveling, reading and are very humanitarian. The Gemini must be willing to take a dip in the ocean every now and again to keep the Fish company. Pisces must get over his fear of flying enough to let go and soar with this lofty air sign. This could keep the peace. You, Gemini, are apt to r reach out for perfection in this relationship. You may be deceived into thinking you can be dominant with Pisces. This will not be the case. Pisces, in a subtle manner, leads the way.  There are problems here; there is also an abundance of romantic feeling. But the romance could lack staying power; it is not so much passion as it is anticipation.  In a way, your relationship with Pisces is akin to chasing a Window.



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Sign of the Month : Gemini

Sign of the Month: Gemini

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