Sign of the Month: Pisces


Happy Birthday! Pisces (February  20 - March 19)


  Sign Pisces
 Symbol & Shape Two Fishes having their mouth and tails joined
  Ruling planet
 Character Dual (Neither movable nor immovable)
  Direction Ruled North
 Sex & Basic Quality Female, Satoguni (Naturally benefic)
 Caste Brahmin
 Nature Soft temprament, Kaph (Phlegm)
 Part of Kalapurush Body that the Feet
 Birth Stone Pukhraj (Yellow sapphire)
 Favourable Colour Yellow
 Auspicious Days Thursday
  Favorable Deity Vishnu
  Fasting Day Thursday
  Favorable Number Three
  Favorable Dates  3, 12, 21, 30
  Friendly Sign Cancer, Scorpio
  Specific Personality
Successful Administrator, Generous, Helpful Nature
  Positive Attitude Humility, Generosity, Imaginative
  Negative Attitude Impatience, Carelessness, Fickle-mindedness
  Know yourself ! Pisces!
Ruled by the planet Jupiter you are sensitive, emotional, soft, faithful and impatient. Owing to lord Jupiter’s influence you shall be healthy and sturdy with an attractive personality and very sharp brain to influence others.  You are kind, caring and imaginative. You are intelligent and scholarly capable of having new and original ideas which often influence the persons of your society.  Working meticously with your ideas you are able to translate them into reality and this is a tremendous plus point in your character. You are interested in writing and in this field you may acquire some honorable position and reputation as well.

Beholding the scenes of natural beauty you experience peace and satisfaction.  A deep lover, you soon take the role of a protector and savior.  You take on the role of a fatherly or motherly figure nurturing and caring your love.  Your views concerning sex and love are grandiose; universal appeal, contentment, security-all are tied in a neat complete package. In actuality, however, you make as many if not more, mistakes than the average individual.  You draw to you people who may take rather than give, who van drain you emotionally in the name of love. Some may claim you live on emotions. This is true to the extent that emotional excitement, resulting from creative endeavors, tones you up and makes you feel alive. Unless you have an understanding partner, you can lose what is dear to you. The key is to choose with care. What is meant here is that you need an emotionally mature partner.
How you relate to other signs:
Most compatible with Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Can be good with Aries, Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius
A 50-50 chance with Leo, Libra
Doubtful with Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius

(March 21-April 19 )
(April 20-May 20)
(May 21- June 21)
(June 22-July 22)
(July 23-August 22)
(August 23-Sept. 23)
(Sept. 24 - Oct 23)
(Oct, 24 - November 21)
Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) Capricorn
(December 22- January 19)
(January 20-February 18)
(February 19-March 20)
March 21 - April 19
Pisces and Aries a water and fire sign together. Fire & water make a different combination. Now, Pisces, this so you can be ready for a challenge-and welcome it. After all, the role of astrology is to forewarn. There is excitement, adventure and there are problems in this combination.  And if you are entering into a relationship with Aries, be ready for an individual who is active, enthusiastic & encourages you to invest in your talents. What both of you require is a mature attitude & face the reality. Then you will recognize a genuine bargain when you come across it. To Aries you are magnetic, mysteries, secretive. Aries wants to impress you & bring you out of your shell. A large dose of Tolerance and understanding could see both of you through.
April 20 - May 20
Pisces and Taurus are water and earth sign together.  You are of water element. You need some earth, and Taurus could fulfill that.  Taurus could urge you towards a greater degree of practicality, and, at the same time, provide mental stimulation. Lots of love, friendship or affection can be shared & you both appreciate beauty, artistry, pleasures & the good things of life. Usually you will have a comfortable, stable life together. The two signs are harmonious and a lasting relationship could result. Concentrate on developing your respective inner strength and you just might rediscover each other. If the Pisces is not too big a dreamer... this will be a sweet and happy relationship. Taurus provides grounding and solidarity to the Pisces who is usually swimming around dreamily in the world of illusion. They both are sensual, love to eat, drink and help others.  
May 21 - June 21
Pisces and Gemini water and air sign together. The marked contrast between air & water is clearly illustrated in the great difference between your nature & outlook. Gemini is logical, factual & mentally oriented. Gemini is filled with ideas, & sometimes the ideas are fired at you as if like a machine gun. It is up to you to choose the best, to be discriminating, to be selective. Gemini encourages you to travel, to broaden the scope of your vision, your interests. Gemini tends to make you restless. Pisces is emotional, imaginative & sensitive. You two are not likely to be satisfied with the status quo.The two signs could lack direction when they are together. Do they have anything in common? Yes a lot. Both are double signs, they are generous, curious, love traveling, reading and are very humanitarian. The Gemini must be willing to take a dip in the ocean every now and again to keep the Fish company. Pisces must get over his fear of flying enough to let go and soar with this lofty Air sign. This could keep the peace.          
June 22 - July 22
Pisces and Cancer two water sign together. This two make wonderful music together. The water/water combination tends to be the most harmonious. You are physically attracted to Cancer. With Cancer your creative elements come to the fore. You both are sensitive, passionate, romantic, comforting, sympathetic & emotional since the water element is related to feelings & emotions. You may find that it is not easy to control your emotions when you get involved with a cancer-born individual. Cancer and Pisces are in trine which is a favorable aspect. You can be happy with cancer. There is nothing lukewarm about this relationship; it is all the way-or nothing. You will quickly thrive, or equally end the relationship. 
July 23 - August 22
Pisces and Leo a water and fire sign together. Fire with water highlights the difference between theses two. Leo is one of the most frank, open, extrovert signs. There is attraction here, because Leo loves glamour and that, Pisces is one of your basic qualities.  For you Leo is bright, often enchanting, and sexually active; but basically Leo, stands with you for an opportunity to express practically certain of your unique qualities.  Pisces has deep, mysterious, elusive qualities, which are almost unfathomable to most people. It is certainly true that the Lion will always dominate the Fish. For the most part Pisces are a humble, good-natured sign that has no desire to be king of the jungle. They are much more preoccupied with swimming dreamily up and down the river. Conquering is not in their nature. These two love romance, kissing, snuggling and all things to do with love. It is an interesting relationship. It could even be fascinating. But the mixture is far from perfect. It needs the seasoning of time to succeed in the long run. You live in two different worlds but those who bridge the gap will learn from & benefit each other in ways neither has imagined.      
August 23-Sept 23
Pisces and Virgo water and earth sign together. They are in opposition on the astrological wheel but they attract each other. Now this may sound like a relationship of the "opposites attract" variety at first glance.  You admire the quickness; the wit of Virgo, even the apparent practicality. Virgo is drawn to your sense of fantasy, of mystery, to your poetic qualities, to your ability to abstract the solid. Virgo's will greatly benefit from hanging around the gentle, easy-going fish as they do tend to be uptight. On the negative side, this relationship can still be fascinating but nonproductive. Your forces can be scattered: there can be a marked lack of concentration. A kind of dreamlike state can exist. There can be fun & games, but no solid outcome. Obviously there is good & bad for you in relationship to Virgo. Much depends on your stage of development-and, of course on the degree to which Virgo is mature.  This could be an enchanting and solid relationship.   
Sept 24 - Oct 23
Pisces and Libra water and air sign together. These two intrigue and fascinate each other. They also make a great couple, both being romantic, lovable, compassionate and good natured. This relationship is a good balance between two signs with a lot of traits in common. With Libra, you can see rainbows, but whether or not you capture them is another story. There is something elusive about your relationship with Libra.   You can be bogged down and restricted here: but, most importantly, you are aware.  You know what should be done. With Libra, you can face practical issues with hope.  There is hope for additional financial resources; there is hope that an affair of the heart will have a happy ending.  Know this & you will have a better chance of success with Libra. Refuse it, & you stack the odds against yourself & Libra. There is romance here, and there is glamour & mystery. The challenge is to build on a solid base.  
Oct 24 - Nov 21
Pisces and Scorpio two water sign together are compatible to each other.  Scorpios and Pisces can be extraordinarily in tune with each other...sometimes to the extent of being telepathic. Scorpio finds you physically attractive, & can inspire you. You are idealistic about Scorpio. But the odds are that Scorpio cares for you in quite a direct, earthy manner. You think of Scorpio as someone from you can learn. Someone who can teach you how to use your talents for a practical profitable purpose. You both exist on a high frequency channel of emotion, sensitivity and passion. The Scorpio must take heed not to push the gentle Fish too much, just because he can. On the flip side Pisces will have to abandon his love of imaginative exaggeration. Scorpio's hate the feeling that someone is holding out on them or being evasive. Be direct.
Nov 22 - Dec 21
Pisces and Sagittarius a water and fire sign together. The combination of fire with water is full of complexities & presents a multitude of possibilities. Generally the two signs are not compatible. But if determined, this team could build together toward security. Both of you are generous and fun loving. This will get you through most of the rough spots of life. You will be able to argue, disagree, and then laugh it off. These two zodiac signs are tolerant, easy-going and adaptable. Pisces is a bit dreamier than the gregarious Sag, The Piscean tendency to be indecisive, impractical & disorganized may exasperate Sagittarius who is basically active, impulsive & positive & likes to get things done quickly & efficiently. But this does not indicate any major obstacles. Sagittarius just adores the sympathetic, kind-hearted Fish.      
Dec 22- Jan 19
Pisces and Capricorn water and earth sign together. Earth has an affinity with water & although there is a difference between these two signs, they do complete each other.  This combination makes a charming couple. Capricorn has a lovely calming effect on the hypersensitive Fish, who feels completely calm and safe in the presence of the steadfast Goat. Likewise, Capricorn in the presence of this water sign often feels like he is completely enveloped as if back in the womb. Pisces & Capricorn can provide each other with joy. There is physical attraction here. . There is also a great chance of domestic harmony.  For you, Capricorn represents an opportunity for wish fulfillment. The relationship, however takes time to develop, to blossom. Capricorn is apt to be more patient along romantic lines here. Thus, the key is for you to wait, as you’re capable of doing, to overcome minor obstacles before plunging in. If you do this, you could be doing yourself a favor. 
Jan 20 - Feb 18
Pisces and Aquarius water and air sign together. Two dreamy horoscope signs together. Aquarius and Pisces have the unique ability to live in a world of make-believe and manifestation. They simply dream a wild dream and it seems to come true. When you are with Aquarius, your dating, initiative, & willingness to gamble on your ideas & abilities is highlighted. Aquarius inspires you to shake off emotional lethargy, to come out of any turtle like shell. Basically with you & Aquarius there are secrets & love secrets. There is glamour, mystery-and these are areas particularly suited to your Piscean nature. Some believe they have dreamed each other up as an answer to their hearts desires. The Water and Air can create a dreamy, misty fog. The Aquarian could benefit from Pisces patience since they seem to have so very little of their own. I have one word to describe these two astrological signs, Harmony.      
Feb 19 - March 20
Two water sign together. These two will love and cherish each other dearly. Generally the relationship with another Piscean can produce good results, provided you both possess the determination to give form to thoughts, dreams, and ambitions. With another Piscean, there are changes & there could be travel. Loyalty and devotion is not the problem for the double Fish combination. The obstacles may lie in getting these two moving. Pisces is often so laid back and cool, some may say wishy-washy, that this relationship may be in danger of petering out prematurely. These two gravitate to each other naturally and are very compatible, almost on a telepathic level. Pisces have a great gift of being sensitive to others feelings and these two will play off each other beautifully.



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