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  • Stars & stocks: Saturn’s long, dark shadow just isn’t going away

    Posted : 14 May, 2012

    Stars & stocks: Saturn’s long, dark shadow just isn’t going away

    Christopher Kevill

    Stocks tumbled last week on falling industrial output data and more global economic headwinds. The Sensex lost more than 3% closing at 16,292, while the Nifty finished at 4928.

    The negative outcome was largely in keeping with expectations, as I thought we could see more downside from the approaching Venus-Saturn aspect.

    While I thought we might have seen a little more late-week strength on the Sun-Jupiter influence, Saturn nullified any potential upside.

    So it seems that Saturn is very much in control of the sky these days.As I have noted in past columns, its bearish strength derives from two main sources.

    First, it is poised to change signs on 17-18 May when it enters sidereal Virgo. Saturn sign changes are well-known sources of bearishness although their effects can vary widely in terms of duration and intensity.

    The second source of Saturnian bearishness here is that Saturn is also moving into a near-exact 120 angle with Venus.This aspect will be closest this week, although it will remain unusually tight for several more days after that due to the Venus retrograde station on Tuesday.Although Venus is normally a bullish planet, its close connection with bearish Saturn may well have a depressing effect on sentiment.

    This has no doubt been the case over the past week.It is worth recalling that the market low in March 2009 occurred in a similar protracted Venus-Saturn aspect when Venus was also a few days from a retrograde station. All of this Saturn influence then is likely to act as a drag on the markets in the near term.

    If this week doesn’t look especially bullish, at least it offers the slim chance of some kind of gradual shift in the celestial weather.Venus will finally turn retrograde on Tuesday while in a close aspect Saturn. This is likely to make it a very tough for bulls to gain any traction.

    That said, it is possible that this change in planetary direction could coincide with some kind of market reversal. Monday’s Moon-Mars aspect suggests a bearish beginning to the week, although it could conceivably improve by the close.The bulls may also look forward to Jupiter entering the sign of Taurus (the bull!) on Thursday.

    It is unclear, however, if it will generate enough midweek positive energy to offset all the negativity from Saturn and Venus.To make matters worse, Mars will also form a minor aspect with Saturn in the second half of the week.

    The high density of close aspects this week make it harder than usual to forecast outcomes for specific days.But with Saturn slated to enter Virgo on Friday just two days ahead of a Sunday’s solar eclipse, it may make more sense to remain cautious overall.

    As recession fears mounted, crude continued to trend lower last week closing below $96 for Western Texas Intermediate.The decline was not surprising given the strong Saturn influence, although the absence of any late week rebound was somewhat unexpected.

    Gold also took it on the chin last week as bullion declined more than 3% closing around $1580.This decline was unexpected as I thought that Jupiter would provide more support through its conjunction with the Sun.

    Saturn is due to remain strong this week so that may make it difficult for gold to rebound.It is unlikely that Tuesday’s Venus retrograde station will be enough to reverse the negative sentiment around gold so more downside is quite possible. (DNA)

    The writer is a neo-Vedic astrologer specialising in predictive astrology.

    Stock market prediction for May 14-18: Satish Gupta
    By Satish Gupta of Astrostocktips

    Weekly planetary position: During the week, Moon will be transiting in Aquarius, Pisces & Aries. Mars in Leo, Exalted Saturn in Libra. Rahu in Scorpio. Pluto in Sagittarius, Uranus in Pisces.  Neptune in Aquarius, Jupiter, Mercury & Sun in Aries, Ketu & Venus in Taurus. Sun will shift to Taurus on the evening of 14th May, Lord Jupiter will also shift to Taurus on 17th May. Retrograde Lord Saturn will shift to Virgo on 16th May 2012.

    During the week, there are many important changes in planetary position. Lord Jupiter will be shifting to Taurus on 17th May & Retrograde Lord Saturn to Virgo on 15th May 2012. Be cautious, as many sectors, which were receiving support from these planets, will stop out performing & many new sectors will start out performing with this change.

    Predicted on 5th May 2012 on our web site, & on "TRADE CAUTIOUSLY - ASTROLOGICAL POSITION ABOUT MARKET IS NOT COMFORTABLE IN COMING DAYS". During this week Nifty lost 200 points & many stocks battered, by 10- 25%.

    Now with the change in planetary position, worst will be over during the week & one can start buying stocks only from sectors which will be receiving strong astrological support in coming days.

    Following sectors will be getting astrological support:

    Personal Care: Colgate Palmolive (India) , Hindustan Unilever , Godrej Industries , Marico etc

    Leather: Bata India , Liberty Shoes & Relaxo Footwears etc

    Pharma: Divis Laboratories , Lupin , Dr Reddys Laboratories & Strides Arcolab etc

    Watches sector will also be receiving strong astrological support. Accumulate Titan Industries on decline.

    New Samvat 2069 (Hindu New Year) have started from 23rd March 2012. Whenever New Samvat starts, based on planetary position / conjunction & aspect among planets, some new sectors commence out performing & many sectors, which were in momentum during last Samvat start underperforming. (Money control)

    Disclaimer: has brought these predictions from other astrologers only to appraise them.  We are not responsible for any kind of consequences to the readers and advise them not to rely upon them either. 

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