Origin of Vastu

The origin of vaastushastra may havetaken place well over thousands of years ago. The learnedmen of those days may not have lived in houses themselvesbut they most definitely dedicated their lives to thedevelopment of the science "vaastushastra" or "vaastu", as it is popularly known today.

The principles of the science laid down during those days werebased purely on the effect of sunrays during different timesof the day. The observations and corrections made were notedand concluded only after indepth screening of the situation.

Proofsof vaastushastra can be found during the time of Ramayanand Mahabharat. Even in the cities of Mohanjodaro and Harappathe application of vaastushastra can be seen.

Sincethe science goes far back to the times of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna there are many interesting mythological storiesconcering the origin of Vaastupurush (the deity).

One such story :

Lord Shiva had killed a devil named Andhak after a long war whichhad continued for years. A spirit originated out of the perspiration of Lord Shiva and consumed all the blood fromthe body of the devil. His hunger was still not satisfied.He then undertook penance. Lord Shiva was impressed andhighly satisfied by his penance and offered him a boon.The spirit then went wild and started eating men and animals.This terrified even the Gods in heaven.

81Gods including Lord Bramha laid the spirit face down andthey then sat on different parts of its body. When the spiritasked for forgiveness Lord Brahma offered him a boon: "Afterbuilding any structure, the people who offer you prayersand worship you as vaastudevta will be blessed with pleasuresand prosperity. However only those people, who do not offeryou prayers shall be at your mercy and you may trouble themin any way". There is a possibility that these storieswere added in the olden scripts only to scare people andmake them conscious about the subject. The science of vaastushastrais however no mythological story and has stood the testof time for thousands of years.

Determination of Directions

It is of paramount importance to determine the directions in a correct fashion. In absence of the correct demarcation of directions, positions of various rooms, and doors etc. The construction of house may be against the principles of Vaastu shastra making the house inauspicious.

Necessity of correct demarcation of directions is correctly described in our scriptures:
Prasade Sadane alinde dware kunde visheshtah;
Dik moodhe kulnashah syatasmatsa shodhay eddishah.

Translated it means, that it is necessary to determine the directions correctly while constructing a temple, palace, house, gates, porch, pond etc. in proper direction.

Therefore,as per according to old scriptures of Vaastu Shastra, construction of a building should only be started after proper and correct marking of the directions. In ancient scriptures, directions were determined with the help of the shadow formed when a cone was placed under the sunlight on the open plot, or it was done by observing the polar star or other constellations in the night.

In modern times, directions can easily be marked or determined by the architects or engineers with the help of a compass. Correct direction or position of a room or gate etc. can be decided only when the construction work is started after marking the directions properly. It can be correctly observed that several buildings built without proper consideration of direction are being rectified under the expert guidance of learned architects and scholars or Vaastu Shastra.

Therefore, it is better to start the work after determining the directions so that the building is constructed properly and accordingly verandahs (balconies) and also the rooms are constructed in proper place and in proper direction, there remains no defect in the building, and inmates are blessed with all the happiness and good fortune. Construction of building according to Vaastu principles is equally important.

A building constructed according to the principles of Vaastu Shastra keeps the residents happy and prosperous. There are five elements namely, earth, water, fire, air and space. In order to make them favorable for the house observance of Vaastu Shastra is very important. Therefore, while constructing a house, rules or principles given in Vaastu Shastra regarding direction, shape, level should be properly taken into consideration.

For example, south-east corner is the seat of the god of fire, Agnidev. So kitchen or rooms such as generator rooms or involving activities related to fire/heat should be made in this corner, then only the house will be trouble free. Constructions against the laws of nature at one's own will may cause pollution, which gives rise to many other problems of health, fear etc. which may result in loss of wealth, property and life .Correct determination of directions have a great significance in the construction of a building. The four directions have their own importance, where as the corners formed by the concurrence of two directions are much more important because effects of both the directions can be felt at the corners.

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