Importance of Vaastu

A proper house to live in is the prime necessity for every living being. Habitat is related to the very birth of the creature, whether it is a marine animal or birds or a land animal. Everybody, rich or poor me and even the gods if descend on the earth, require a house to live in.

So Vishwakarma had first of all given the methods of construction and decoration of buildings. It is known as Vaastu Shastra or the architecture. References to these methods and art are found in the sources of ancient Indian culture such as the Vedas, Purans , Ramayan, Mahabharat and other Sanskrit epics.

In astrology also, the ancient scholars have given the auspicious times (muhurt) for procuring a plot of land or starting the construction work of a house or first entry in the newly built house etc. The intention of these methods of construction propounded by the ancient saints, seers and scholars, and transmitted through the generations, has been that human beings in this world may build a house which will bring health, happiness and all round prosperity for the inmates; A house which helps in achieving the best in the four groups (Chaturvarg:) Dharm, Arth, Kaam and Moksha and attaining divinity.

A place, natural or built by the living beings which protects them from heat, cold, rains, storms and adverse conditions of natures is known by different name in different cases. e.g. a house, nest, den, burrow etc.Man is the most superior among all the animals. It is expected of him that he builds a proper place or house for not only himself and his family, but also for other animals or things also with which he has some association, keeping in view their proper safety and maintenance. In addition, he should earn nobility by constructing dharamshala, temples, wells, ponds etc. for the benefit of all. At the time of wedding, it is a tradition in Indian culture, that the bride puts seven conditions (Saptpadi) before the groom, one of them is that if he promises to build a temple / garden / pond / well / Dharamashala etc. for public utility and benefit of the others, then only she will accept to be his wife. The groom has to promise and then it becomes the sacred duty of the man to build some house to keep his promise.

Rahukaal June 2022

RAHU KAAL means Bad Time during the day (Avoid doing anything during this brief period)

Panchang July 2022

Panchang July 2022

Sign of the Month : Gemini

Sign of the Month: Gemini

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