Science of Vaastu

It is permanent:
The principles of vaastu is based on directions which are permanent. Likewise the effects of vaastu are also permanent.
It is rational
Vaastu is the study of impact of the Sun's rays on the earth. Vaastu reads the characteristics of a house and explains its effects on the residents in a scientific manner, we can surely count it among the other sciences.
It is universal
Since vaastu is based on the properties of the earth and the sun, it is surely universal. Nationality, religion, caste etc. have nothing to do with the science of vaastu, it is equal for one and all.
It is beneficial
The basic purpose of vaastu is to make the lives of people happier and problem free.
It is practicable
It is very simple to follow. Build your house according to the guidelines provided by vaastu and lead a healthy and happy life.


Since it possesses all the features mentioned above and is based on action, cause and effect it can most definitely be concluded that it is a Science.

According to Vaastu, there are 5 basic elements in the whole world. They are the Earth, Water, Air, Fire(Heat & Light) and Sky(Cosmic). Vaastu is a science of balancing these elements in the proper proportions for prosperity and harmony.

In a broader sense vaastu is a science of directions and it accounts for 8 directions; North, South, East, West, North-East, North-West, South-East and South-West.

Would you like to create a more abundant and prosperous life? How would you feel if your relationships were supportive, creating happiness and joy for you? Would you like to experience your living and working environments as vibrant and positive; a place where you can feel productive and creative? What if you found satisfaction and success in your chosen career?

Astrodaily offers the following services related to Vastu Shastra
Selection of land
Site is a living-breathing organism. It is considered the womb and the structure above grows on it. The strength and weakness of the site have long lasting effects on the structure and the inhabitants. If you have already purchased a plot of land and you are facing problems before construction of house like undue delays, slow pace of construction or obstruction of work for no valid reason, then we provide Remedies and solutions for such problems also.
it is important to follow the construction norms at the beginning as per vaastu shastra any structural changes and demolitions are considered a mutilation once construction is complete. It is therefore, important to follow construction at this stage. Structural changes are recommended only in exceptional cases. In certain cases add on construction is recommended to balance the construction.
House Planning and Interiors
Vastu divides a residence into various parts. Different rooms have been assigned in different directions for specific purposes. In the modern context placement of various rooms gives a lot of options for the planning of a house as per vaastu guidelines. A number of permutations and combinations can emerge from this, depending upon the size of the house and the accommodation, which suits the requirement of individual families.
Apartments and residential complexes
Many people living in flats and apartments wonder whether they can be benefited by vaastu. The answer is YES. Vaastu is as useful for those who live in flats and apartments. By using vaastu in your apartment, you will be able to live in harmony with nature. When we harmonize and balance our home environment, we feel happier, healthier and successful in every part of our lives.

In this section we will give constancy on

  a. The selection of apartments based on vaastu principles.
  b. Providing vaastu strength to the interiors of the selected apartments.

Vastu and marital harmony the bed and bedroom are very important areas of the house and if out of place, can create disharmony and can make or break relations. . You must be careful about the location of your bedroom, quality of the type of bed to be used, colours in the bedroom and wipe out all negative associations and memories for the relationship to blossom.

Vastu and childbirth
The presence of children fills a house with love, laughter and fulfillment. In case you are desirous of starting a family and are facing problem, it would be worthwhile to have a close look at your surroundings. Like any defect in the north east of the house or the plot on which house is constructed affect the male child.
Vastu for fame, recognition and financial strength
Fame, recognition and good reputation are essential for success. By energizing the fire element of the south and southeast, the Agni zone of every room, positive results like happiness in the family, good health of the inmates, financial strength and marital happiness can be ensured.
Vastu for the garden
Vaastu principles apply not only to the concrete structure of the house and to intimate items, but also to the environment outside and the plants and gardens surrounding your home. There is a deep bonding between man and nature. Nature in the form of trees and plants, and water bodies like fountains, ponds and waterfalls can be incorporated in our environment to remain connected to the natural world. A pleasing garden adds to the vital prana and positive vibration in your environment. A subtle blend of design, shape, colour, appropriate plants, water bodies can enhance the positive vibrations in and around a house for optimum health and happiness.

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